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The Green America formerly known as Co-op America is a community non-profit organization based in Washington DC, founded in 1982. This organization provides unique economic strategies geared at protecting the environment, involving educating and empowering the local people and businesses on issues of making significant improvements in the environment through their economic ability. Through its effective organization of power, it has been able to provide practical tools to businesses and individuals, particularly touching on the suitable ways of addressing current environmental and social problems. In this effect, Green America engages in an online directory, the Green Pages, which captures environmentally and socially responsible businesses, products and services and offers on these products, thus encouraging green shopping. This initiatives acts as an inducement to companies to engage in activities that ensure the environment is safe and healthy to society (Green America, 2009).

Green America gets involved to the community through effectively mobilizing people in all their different economic activities whether they are consumers, workers, investors and businessmen. The organization later empowers them with knowledge on how to undertake both personal and collective action(s) on issues that will ensure social justice and environmental responsibility are being respected. This community organization emphasizes on ensuring a sustainable green world. It is the core responsibility of the organization to ensure that sustainable, healthy and just practices are undertaken in all practices while avoiding abusive and harmful practices that may harm the environment and or man (Green America, 2009). The organization struggles at ensuring that the people and community at large, is healthy and safe from environmental hazards for the sake of the future generation by making sure the earth is preserved. In essence, various factors have influenced the social responsibility strategies of the Green America.

The organization approves only those businesses and companies that adhere to the principles of sustainable development which go beyond the general standards. The social initiative of this organization is to ensure that the companies approved meet set financial goals while their investments poses positive impact on the environment and people at large (Green America, 2009). The potential ethical or moral effect of the organization’s social initiative is that it has played a big role in fostering a healthy community and safe environment. People tend to prefer products from companies approved by the Green America as they consider their products safe and also environment friendly. The end result is the attainment of a world bounty, health and safety from one generation to another.


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