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Physicians in the medical profession aim at offering the best health services to their patients. They focus on enhancing patient care by ensuring that they arrive at the correct and most effective decision in every situation. In order to arrive at this, there are core beliefs that engulf the area of medical profession. An organized medical profession believes in its control over the medical practice including the legal and ethical values in this field. This includes the social and cultural legality in addition to management of organizations within the profession. The other core belief of medical profession is the management of the healthcare setting which include government authorities, insurers and hospitals. This covers both the private and public hospitals such that all the aspects surrounding the area of medical service are supposed to be controlled by the medical profession.

One of these beliefs requires that physicians provide their services to patients with no ill motive. They do this by spotting problems, evaluating them, and coming up with a solution of ethical issues that arise in the medical field. As a matter of fact, clinical medical ethics discourages the use medical knowledge that contradicts the law of humanity.

Also, caution should be taken to ensure that there is no third party that might interrupt a relationship between a patient and a doctor in the course of providing treatment. In addition, patients should be free to have a legally certified doctor of their choice and who is supposed to maintain a high level of confidentiality with the patient. This helps to account for the moral and legal issues that surround decisions on individual patients. Professionals in this field believe in the use of statistically verified medical information to run diagnosis and treatment.

Following a series of economic crisis that rocked most of the developed countries in 1970s, the cost of healthcare increased tremendously. As a result, the concept of organized medicine was taken as part of the problem rather than the solution to the economic meltdown. Major areas of the economy experienced transformations including healthcare sector. What followed were sharp oppositions from people and institutions that were inclined to antitrust policies. The idea and role of Medicare and Medicaid were disregarded and medical profession was in jeopardy. However, there is some hope in strengthening of the medical profession, through market competition. 


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