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Such marketing instruments as advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and digital media strategy were used as communication tools in this advertisement (Scott & Kesten, 2007). “Cornetto devils and angels” is an ice cream product of the Unilever Company. The product’s target market consists of the teenagers all over the world. It symbolizes a youthful love. The digital strategy is grounded to the consumers’ insights about the teens (Fletcher, 2010). At this age, most of teenagers have love feelings; however, it becomes hard to express them in person. Therefore, they prefer to use digital means to pass their love messages. In addition, digital channels are now integrated in daily life of the majority of teenagers (Fletcher, 2010). They use social networks like Facebook and emails to communicate with each other. Digital media strategy enables them to express their love in personalized and innovative ways. They can also compete in sending their love message in the air (Ryckman& Thornton, 2007).

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The creative concept employed states that opposites attract. The devil and the angel characters are very different, but they choose to unite in the end. The ice crime consumers are meant to unite once they eat it (Fletcher, 2010). The clothing of the devil and angel, dark brown and creamy white respectively, symbolically represents the colours of the ice crime (Cornetto Devils & Angels TV Ad, 2012).

Integrated campaigns involve using different communication tools to give consumers an incredible experience. Moreover, these tools strengthen the product’s central message (Kenneth, 2007). The campaign was conducted in an innovative and unique manner. It was made using a game design presented in a digital manner. The story is demonstrated through the TV add “Cornetto Devils & Angels TV Ad, 2012”. The invisible forces of the two characters are automatic. They just use their fingers to command the events. The consumers are entertained in the devil and angels characters’ game. At the same time, the product’s message is passed to the target audience through the external voice and an image of the product itself.

The creative strategy employed in the campaign was quite effective. The materials that the ice cream consists of are very different in colour; however, they are combined to present a unique product (Cornetto Devils & Angels TV Ad, 2012). This is demonstrated by the contrasting invisible forces of the devil and the angel, which join in the end.

Although this campaign was quite interesting and unique, the product’s title is not appealing to the mass audience. The product’s name should be modified to attract more people. This is because the term devil is associated with evil, which can be linked to the product. Furthermore, the strategy used to join the ice cream is not practical. Evil and good are always separate and cannot be together.


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