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The 21st century is the current century which began on 1.1 2001 and is supposed to run for the next one hundred years i.e. up to 31st December 2100. Eleven years and approximately eleven and a half months of 21st century have passed. Historically, 21st century began with the united state of America in the absence of the soviet unions (Levy, 2000). 21st revolution includes digital revolution where much of the electronics and technological values have been upgraded. Cultural values involves an integrated pattern of human behavior that includes communication, manner of interacting, ethics, thoughts, expected behavior of racial, practices, manner of socialization, language used and ability the named above values to the generation.

Revolution of technology in the 21st century has brought in new ways of doing things. Again it has enhanced high level of awareness creation and news updates. Families learn a lot of things concerning their lives via television show. They get to know more about health issues, religious issues, environmental issues and business opportunities available worldwide. Again entertaining programs such as drama, music, movies are shown to them via various television channels. Again students now use internet and television program to learn so many things pertaining health, business, environment and the whole world (Huff,2006).

A lot of research was done to improve and develop news broadcasting and recording techniques. Currently, a number of additional channels and radio station have been initiated all over the world. The new stations are now used to broadcast emerging news, sports news and business news which have enhanced awareness creation exceeding the recent decades. Some of the channel existed in recent decades includes: BBC News 24 which was launched on digital television in 1997,BBC Choice was launched later as the third generation entertainment channel from the BBC. BBC also purchased parliamentary channel known as BBC parliament. BBC knowledge was introduced as a multi media channel in 1999 which was modified later to offer documentaries (Kress, 2003).

In 2002, more channels and station were launched while other channels were renamed. For example BBC Knowledge was renamed BBC Four and later became BBC”s arts and documentaries channel. Again CBBC was splint onto CBBC and CBeebies which initially was used to programming strands as children BBC since 1985. Yet again BBC Choice became BBC three with a task of programming for younger generations and shocking real life documentaries. BBC News Chanel was derived from BBC news 24 in 2008 and BBC Radio 4 Extra was introduced.

BBC world services are being funded by the foreign and common wealth office commonly known as Foreign office or the FCO which is a British government department. It promotes the interest of United Kingdom abroad.

The news channel use HD versions of BBC which was launched in December 2007. It entails simulcasts of programme on BBC One, Two, Three and Four as well as repeats of some order program. Up scaled version is used for the programme not currently produced in HD. BBC Natural History Unit is one of the programme broadcast by BBC television and BBC Achieves. BBC channel is operated by BBC people department who are in charge of employees welfare, technologies department, broadcaster, audience, BBC marketing and previous part of BBC Future Media. Generally department as whole look after the legal affairs, marketing, policy, the upkeep of the buildings, strategy, employees, property and daily activities of the company. (Telotte, 2008).

More broadcasting news programme are in the process in London that involves producing more programme at production center such as Glasgow and Belfast. Local news and other local programme are broadcast through BBC Television channels. Initially broadcasted information was only available via satellite but since 2011 the services has been available to viewers via cable television and fee view. Digital and cable operators was mainly used to disseminate information all over the world

BBC channel are now available to watch online either through the BBC I player services or through the channel online. This service was launched in2008 which came about through following online streaming experiments with live experiments. But in recent decades, members of United Kingdom serving in military abroad watched and listened to broadcasted information through BBC television channels. Therefore it is a great revolution which has made it easy to transmit information worldwide via network

BBC news is one of the largest broadcast news gathering operations in the world. It provides services to the domestic radio and television network such as BBC News, BBC World News and BBC Parliament. In addition to this, new stories and news ways to access BBC News has been launched such as BBC Mobile making it accessible to mobile phones. Again it has promoted e mail alerts, computer through desktop alerts and digital television updates.

News transmission rate has increased as compared to past decades. Bandwidth peak of 11GB/s was innovated in 21st century. As a result billions of daily events including images, test and HTML get transmitted worldwide unlike in the past decades.

Image driven and speech balloons began in the united state of America in the early 20th century. This form was standardized first in the Sunday strips then in daily strips. The combination of pictures and words quickly spread throughout the world in the 21st century after revolution of new technology. In the past centuries, Comic strips were gathered into cheap booklet and be reprinted in magazines, books novels and newspaper. Nowadays comic strips and cartoons are transmitted through wire cables and fiber optic cables that are listened and shown via television channel (Kunzle, 1973).

Cartoons program in various television channel have been watched worldwide to relieve one’s stress and tension. It has been entertaining people for many years through television media (Kress, 2003). The show that began in January 2001 still continue to steal the heart of audience through their repeat telecast that has been currently adapted. Some of the past century cartoons and comedy Television show includes: American Dads, Frasier, Happy dads, Different stroke, Fridays, will and grace, the nanny, the Simpsons, Boston legal, Father Ted, Jack and Jill, Family ties, Sonny with chance, Hope and Faith, Out of Practice, scrub, Gary unmarried and the tonight show with jay leno. (Telotte, 2008).

Simpson’s premier in December 1989 was popular but thereafter, booms in new adult oriented animated program were launched in 21st century. Simpsons, family Guy and American dad have been subjected to controversy because of the language and jokes used in the 21st century. Some have said that are raunchy for network television because they have some of the most risqué materials. Therefore they were subjected to lawsuits regarding their content.

Family guy television show was revived in 2005 after DVD prove successful. This happened after frequent preemptions and valuable scheduling that gives network executive a pretext for cancellation accomplishion which is often overrun by NFT games or postgame shows. However, when NASCAR season began, the overrun time became common and is once again made higher priority in the 7:00 pm timeslot i.e. it continued airing new episodes not on Sundays night but on Saturdays nights. Some of the cartoons series in 21st century includes: Bob’s burgers, Allen Gregory, American dad, Family Guy, and the Cleveland show.

More animation shows were launched in 21st century which has entertaining and desirable content in it unlike in the past centuries. Those television shows subject to controversial were replaced by new healthy ones. For example bumpers were removed in 2007 due to the re-braiding of Teletoon.

Science fiction appeared on a television program during the age of science fiction and it allows artists to present a living image of an imaginably world. As a result television becomes an excellent medium for science fiction. Television uses less exposition than the books because of its visual presentation mode. Revolution of technology in the 21st century has lead to series of this presentation as compared to the past centuries.

Horror programs can often be produced with inexpensive techniques but do have an upsetting nature. Many of its content accepted in films would not be good to the general audiences therefore it must be tamed if not removed completely. Some of the inexpensive techniques used to produce horror programs in 21st century includes: Creative cinematography, lighting, pacing, fake blood, prosthetics or costumes and any other simple pops. (Telotte, 2008).

Dramatic projects have overwhelmed in 21st century as compared to the past century because of high level of technology, education level and spread awareness. Novel writer have dramatized their content through television shows which has a lot worn so many people’s heart. Teachers use drama to emphasize more on what they are talking about to make student have clear understanding about the subject matters. (Telotte, 2008).

The 21st century television cultural values have great impact worldwide because it accommodates innovated ways and things that promote efficient and effective dissemination of important information via television shows (Huff, 2006). Great awareness and entertainment is enjoyed globally as a result of technology revolution. However, some undesirable programs such as horror should be tamed or be removed completely due to its controversial content that would do more harm than good to the audience.


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