Free «Cyber Bulling» Essay Sample

The following set of conditions must be fulfilled if an interesting speech is anything to come from you.

 Knowing the purpose of the speech: To educate/inform people of cyber bullying and what it involves. The

Purpose must be clear to you for the following reasons:

1. It will make your speech interesting to the audience since you know the subject of matter.

2. It will give you protect you from getting confused.

3. It will help you organize your ideas logically.

4. It will enable you to be confident since what you are about to say is nothing strange.

5. It will also help you to finish delivering your speech in time since you do not have to be redundant and repetitive

In this case we want to address the issue of cyber bullying. You must be in a position to understand the purpose of delivering this speech.

The working introduction: This must introduce your audience to the subject matter of discussion as you undertake to give the speech. This will give you an upper hand since your audience is more or less having a clue of what you will be mentioning. The introduction may be as follows

The guest of honor, ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to understand the impact that technology has had on the society as regards Cyber bullying. We know this has been an emerging trend with the coming of new technology every single day. Cyber bullying refers to the application of technology to harass people.

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This kind of introduction is self sufficient. Your audience in no doubt now knows why you are standing before them. It will call their attention to listen to you.

The actual delivery of speech. This is where the actual speech is read to the audience. It is important to ensure the following happens:

1. You must be smart if you have to catch a positive attitude of your audience even prior to delivery.

2. Have the items to be discussed on a paper. This will help you remember in case you forget

3. Be logical and systematic in your delivery. Do not rush to a given item before you exhaust the one preceding. This might mix your audience up.

4. Ensure you effectively link the introduction with the body of the speech. This is important since it prevents a case of mix up.

The content of the body in point form is as follows:

Cyber bullying encompasses the following among other malpractices:

  • Use of texts to harass people. Sending messages via phone.
  • Calling people on telephone and harassing them, threatening or insulting.
  • The use of emails to spread rumors and falsehood about a particular person.
  • Making sexual remarks about a person. It is indiscriminate.
  • Making other people subject of ridicule for example on a face book page.
  • Disclosing a person’s personal data for example in case of hidden identity his name, marital status, phone number etcetera.
  • Kids being mean to each other online. They may insult each other and engage in indiscriminate exchanges.

You should give examples in each and every bullet point. This enhances understanding of the subject of discussion.

Your conclusion

It must be precise and a sum up of what you were discussing. Having too long an introduction may bore your audience.

You may also engage a feedback mechanism so as to understand if your speech was effective.

This may look like this:

As you have seen cyber crime is on the rise and is doing more harm than good. There have been numerous complaints from people who have been affected in the past. We must act fast and respond by teaching our friends and relatives that the vice is unfair. We must reduce it by all means. Thank you.


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