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Pride is an inwardly directed emotion with two meanings. The meanings have both the positive and negative connotations. Positive meaning refers to a satisfied sense of attachment towards one’s choices and actions. James is proud of his parents. This is positive pride. The negative implication is an overstated sense of one’s personal accomplishments, called hubris. James can also develop negative pride when he looks down on others. He could proclaim that nobody can pass as high in mathematics as him. Christians have defined pride as sin. The Bible in Proverbs 11: 2, view pride as moving away from the grace of God and a slip to disgrace.

Views on Pride

Greek scholars termed pride as hubris. This is because pride was a crime against gods and would result into fatal justice. One who boosts of his accomplishment would be categorized as proud. The scholars used the word pride to describe those who considered themselves more important than the gods.  An example is the story of Oedipus who killed King Laius in a dispute over who between them had the right of way yet the king was his biological father.

Modern people view pride us an extreme arrogance and being out of touch with reality. It is further explained as an exaggeration of one’s capabilities. Pride is commonly found among people with positions of power. An example is David Owen in his book ‘The Hubris Syndrome’ where he describes George Bush and Tony Blair to have developed a hubristic syndrome while in power. This is because of how they handled the Iraq war. It showed their hubristic tendencies.

Psychologists claim that pride is a pleasant emotion that results from a positive self evaluation. Italian psychologist by name Isabella Poggi alleged that pride is expressed in moments following a personal victory over adversary. In terms of behavior, pride can be displayed by postural show. This may include tilting of head backwards and arms extended out from the body.                                                              

Types of Pride

National and ethnic pride is pride that expresses itself in a country or ethnic group. National pride is the esteem of a country against another. For example during the 2006 world cup, Germany became proud against Italy when the nation won in hosting the match. Ethnic pride is majorly found in Asia. It emerged during the European colonialism which resulted into anti-western feelings amongst Asian nations. To date, Asian empires are proud. An example is Mongol Empire which is the largest empire in history.

Race is also another category of pride. We have black and white pride that emanate from black and white people respectively all over the world. The black pride slogan is used in U.S to create awareness for black racial identity. It is mainly used to protest against the American segregation of the black and to lobby for better treatment of the black race. White pride slogan is also used in the United States of America to promote white race identity.

LGBT is yet another type of pride. It means Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender individuals. LGBT pride purports that individuals should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity. It advocates for equal rights and benefits for LGBT people. The individuals in this pride argue that people should be proud of their sexual preferences and gender identity. They also say that sexuality is a gift. The most important idea is that sexual orientation and gender identity are innate and cannot intentionally be altered.

Finally, it is important to clarify the difference between pride and vanity. Pride viewed as a virtue is called virtuous pride. It is normally expressed as the greatness of soul. When pride is viewed as a vice, it is called vanity pride. This kind of pride is vain glory, fake and empty pride. Vanity is an excessive belief in one’s own ability. Religion views it as self- idolatry. For example the story of Lucifer who became evil because of vanity.


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