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The horn of Africa country Sudan has not had stability in the last decades and the split between the oil rich Christian south and Islamic northern Khartoum government led by Omar El-Bashir has been eminent over the years. An event that would be introducing stability and the peace required to develop the region will occur starting Sunday which will be the referendum. The 2005 peace accord that ended a four decade civil war that had rocked the north and the south has made numerous die. In this event the people of southern Sudan could be building the newest African independent state. Secession for the south will guarantee them peace but, they will have to start from scratch to build a state that has no or little infrastructure and a volatile political structure.

To the citizens of the south it will be a time to reflect on the oppressions of the north that introduced the harsh Sheria laws which led to the revolts. The refugees that are scattered in the neighboring countries such as Kenya may be waiting anxiously to return back home. Gauging the situation the South will not look back given the decision to secede, because it is the long awaited chance to restore peace in the civil war country. Given the level of democracy in the African continent which has been dented with incidences of rigging and use of government resources to campaign for pro government politicians; the whole world will be watching on the transparency and accountability of the polls.

The issues of the border are also to be sensitive due to the presence of oil in the border towns of the north and south; that may be a source of other conflicts when it comes to sharing resources. The situation has been a major concern to the region and world since the instability has been exploited by terrorists to set bases there. With peace and stability in the region people will be watching on the development of the region and the war on terror.

January 12 2010 came as what many people in Haiti would like to call a nightmare. A year later and they have not come out of it and the reality has dawned to them than it was a disaster that would continue affecting them most. The earth tremors that shook the country resulted to killing more than 200,000 and more that 1.5 million homeless. The problems from the natural disaster still recur and have greatly affected the country's economy.

The country, one year on has been affected by a cholera outbreak which has resulted to more deaths. In addition, the homeless are still in makeshift homes due to the faults in the building and reconstruction of their homes. This has created a risk to the vulnerable women and children in the society. The question still abounds on what the government is doing to salvage the situation.

The situation in Haiti helps other governments reflect on the strategies they have for disaster response and management. Other governments are able to lay out a clear strategy to fix such disasters whenever they occur. Back to the country's situation more need to be asked on why the situation remains the same while citizens of developed countries watch from the comfort of their homes as the innocent people face the cruelty of life. A year on is too much for the people to bear the life in tents while the international promises to deliver finances to rebuild the lives of the Haitians.

The international community particularly the humanitarian organizations must be critically scrutinized on their efforts to resettle the displaced; while the government made to be accountable and audit the assistance it has delivered to the people and the efforts it plans to take to solve the situation. This can only be possible in presence of a democratic and committed government.

No one can escape the fact that the power is with the people and they bestow it on the one they want through a democratic process; where the minorities have their say and the majorities have their way. Democracy has been a contentious issue in the Arab world and Tunisia had undergone the dictatorial claws of their president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. The people have craved for freedom and a revolution that ousted him was inevitable and unstoppable as the people hungered for some change.

The rates of unemployment had reached an all time high and the levels of poverty unbearable. In the oil rich country they needed to see a change and this was not to be with the current governance. Corruption and embezzlement of funds by the administration to enrich themselves had been common. The labor movements, internet activists, and rural workers plan was well calculated and executed since removing such as dictator from power would take more than a military coup.

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This move in the North Africa country is a caution to all the governments in power that the policies developed must favor the people and develop them. It is a wake up call to all the leaders in the world that the power belongs to the people. The populist revolution made sure that their rights were heard and their demands met. With all the other governments they then must strive to end poverty, hunger, insecurity, and give democracy a chance as they rule; rest they anger the people and face their wrath. With such developments in the Arab world focus now shifts on other regimes that have ruled the countries through dictator ship.

President Obama came into power with many expectations that he would transform the economy of the US to levels higher than it has ever been. People expected change they would believe in. However, the last few years had been characterized by major challenges to bring change. On his speech at the state of the union address more emphasis was to be laid on creating employment and development of new technologies. It is only recently that the health policy he had proposed came under intense criticism. In focusing on employment creation means that the people are to expect more from the government since they will have a chance to earn. On the other hand, proposing a five year freeze in spending for some domestic programs is somehow out of hand.

One cannot forget the billion of dollars being spent in Iraq in support of the military and the fight on terror. It is no doubt that security is a paramount issue to a country, but outrageous spending on war does not solve the situation either. The recession seems to have greatly affected the president's tenure in that there were many corporations that had to be saved from collapse yet balance the effects on the economy.

The whole world will now focus on president Obama to see how he intends to freeze domestic programs and yet create employment. This will a tall order since the programs in questions were also creating employment to hundred of other citizen who will remain affected. The focus on development of science and research is however a positive move which will try to ascertain their role as a superpower in the space world. This will also justify his statement of a Sputnik moment to the rest of the world.

Populist revolution and rebellion in Egypt are just spill over; it all started in Tunisia with people ousting the regime in power for decades. The Arab world has had a void for democracy which the people have craved for. And by the use of rebellion dictatorial governments is put on the spotlight. People have rocked the streets in protest for President Hosni Mubarak to resign. January 31 the protests entered day seven and the people are never relenting in their quest for democracy.

This is a hint that the Islam and Arab world are now fed up with the control of their lives and they need to take charge. The government's effort to stop the protests by banning the protests; fighting the protestors using the government forces; arresting journalists; and shutting communication such as the internet has not stopped the protestors demanding their voices to be heard. Day in, day out they have been very vocal in calling for the resignation which is a clear show of determination of the people to own their processes.

The Egyptian capital is set to come at a stand still with them loosing million of dollars every day and even as tourists run away. All they need is democracy and being free from the 29 year rule of President Hosni Mubarak. The 21 century has seen more people being enlightened and aware of their rights. Demand for democracy is set to continue in the North African country until the dictatorial power comes tumbling down. This is not only inspired by the Tunisian revolution but also their quest to choose what they want and experience a change. They are determined to make a change from the old regime to a new dynamic democratic regime.

The media has always played a very important role in the society; it has been the educator, informer, and entertainer. For politicians they have always wanted to manipulate the media to their own advantage. The media has also played the very important role of being the watchdog for the society and anything that goes wrong is conveyed swiftly by the media. Shooting of the journalist Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud a reporter for the Al Ta'awun a state-owned newspaper; gives a clear impression of the dictatorial regime in the country.

The politicians always want to use the media to rely their political messages, campaign for them, and always air positive messages on them yet they never want the truth brought out to the light, especially if it will hurt their political careers. It also shows the dictatorial effects of the politicians to use government mercenaries to favor their stands. More specifically is the lack of democracy in view of the fact that the politicians never want the public to know what is happening.

The situation of journalists being killed or arrested for covering events especially in dictatorial regimes such as the Egypt revolts is a clear picture of how the politicians and governments in power want their citizens to remain unenlightened so that they may continue to divide and rule. Such antics in the 21st century need to be fought against and with the media being a democratic and independent institution they should be allowed to cover and inform the general public of the actual situation. The government should be made to pay for such acts and policies to prevent such incidences developed so that journalists are protected as they cover the events. Adequate compensation should be granted to the journalist. In addition, those who committed the act should be punished accordingly.

The environment is very sensitive and all those exploiting it must do so sustainably; for Chevron this was not the case as they dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste in the Ecuador's rain forests. Such massive pollution can only mean one thing; that the company's management does not care about the future of the environment. There have been numerous concerns about global climatic change especially caused by man's activities. With global weather patterns changing it has caused a threat to many species making them endangered.

The act by Chevron to pollute the forest which is a natural environment and vital component of the environment is uncouth to say the least. It is sad to note that the same environment that they exploit is not important to them. Strict penalties and measures should be taken on such companies that endanger the environment through pollution and hence the $ 17 billion fines and punitive damages suit them. This will serve as an example to other that may want to pollute the environment for their own benefit without caring about the future effects.

A public apology does not warrant the withdrawal of any damage and the only thing they need to do is correct their mistakes through cleaning the environment or supporting any conservation processes in the forest. Moreover, this case should be an example to the policy makers in the environmental sector so that they are able to enforce strict environmentally sane procedures that will protect the environment for the future generation. In addition, they should also ensure that all resources are exploited sustainably. Companies on the other hand, should establish a comprehensive plan to deal with their wastes rather than gushing effluents to the environment.

The people have spoken and they want the dictator out. The wishes of the people must be respected and this should apply at all times. The Arab world seems to be falling apart; starting from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, now it is in Libya. People are now out in the streets demanding his resignation but Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi has ordered a crackdown of all the protestors. This is an abuse of office and denying the people their democratic right to demonstrate. In addition, they are protesting on the dictatorial rule they have been subjected to for the last forty two years.

Through viciously attacking protestors by armed troops and government mercenaries is a violation of democracy. This is because people have the right to be heard and the leaders must listen to the voice of the people. This dictatorial trend has continued for four decades and persons still continue to cling to power despite the cry of the people. This is a selfish act that explains the lengths the leaders can go to be in power.

As human rights continue to be violated by the bloody crackdowns then it is evident that he is more interested with himself and his power that he cares about the people who are suffering mercilessly at the hands of armed troops. The people are however committed to their course and will not relent till they find their freedom. Whatever happens next is yet to be established but there must be someone to pay for the lives lost and the violation of the human rights. The international community needs to ensure that Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi pays for these heinous acts of injustice without affecting the sovereignty of Libya.


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