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The Versailles treaty was meant to bring harmony in the world especially due to the war that had gone on for quite a long time. Most of the affected countries’ citizens were tired of these wars and had started demanding for freedom from the wars e.g Germany (Schuster 45).

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Successes of the diplomacy

As a result of the diplomacy, a country like German was able to release some of its colonies though they were taken over by the Britons. The diplomacy was also a step towards the ending of the wars that were going on and on although they did not end immediately (Brezina 89).

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Though this may not be a benefit to the whole world on one hand, it was certainly a benefit to the Britons for they were able to gain wealth they had lost for many years a result of German giving up some of her colonies to them. Britain later gave freedom to these colonies as World War II ended and some years after (Hay 68).

The Russians were able to rule their country how they wished (communistic way) though it was not mad immediately. This was one of the reasons these wars were going on. Some countries especially Britain, United States of America, Germany and France, thought that they could rule the world and run it how they wanted it to run (Slavicek 65)


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Some of the issues that were raised were not fulfilled as the other countries thought that the decisions were made by the ‘Big Three’ i.e. Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau who were the president and the Prime ministers of U.S.A, Britain and France respectively.

The promise given to France that they would be supported by the Britons and the Americans if they were ever attacked by the Germans were not kept.  This is because the Americans did not support the Britons and the Britons could not do much without the Americans’ help (Carr 102).


The wars continued for a while more until 1945 at the end of World War II. The Germans were weakened until they recovered twenty one years later as they had promised. Countries like Tanganyika and those that were under the Germans continued being colonized although under a different colony and people still continued being killed especially the soldiers.  

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