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Unless there is an overhaul in the media perception, disability issues will remain misrepresented in the coming future. The disabled feel sensitive on the fact that they lack embracement in the society. The media have presented a picture of the disabled as abnormal people in the society i.e. the medical view. This study aims at getting ways to solve how the media portrays the people with a disability and get effective and fair ways of presenting disability in the media, print, visual, audio or the web publications. Better vocabularies other than abnormal should be sought to bring out the picture of disability in a more fascinating way.

The media should present the disabilities in such a way to create employment opportunities for them. In this paragraph, one can show how Charles A. Riley brings about this effect in his magazine “WE”. One can use the quote” Wake up, use your power, make smart choices …, and stop falling back to the past” here the media should enlighten its audience because they are also better market niche.

The other paragraph should be detailed on how better the term disability can be addressed other than abnormal i.e. the medical perspective. There should be rights for the disabled such as financial assistance and income support for people who are unable to work due to disability. This can be argued as the social perspective in regard to the medical perspective (Riley para 3).

The third paragraph should emphasize ways of making the disabled feel able and appreciated. The media instead of focusing on helpless, disabled persons should film or advertise scenarios where the disabled emerge as heroes against all odds. This can be further emphasized by viewing disability as a coined version of the invention. Where a wheelchair should not be seen only as a tool for walking but should be seen as a new life created for the disabled (Haugen 102). One can then conclude with an analogy such “When you fall a friend should help you be on your feet again rather than leave you there.” This is likening the fall with a disability and the friend as the media that should portray a positive image for the disabled, thus assisting them accomplish their goals and mission in their life (Riley 649).


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