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Prejudice is an unprecedented and a baseless negative attitude one or a particular group people have towards another person or group of persons. This vice can be revealed in so many other ways, for example: stereotyped beliefs, negative feelings one has towards another and the act of being discriminative. Likewise prejudice is a negative prejudgment about a particular group of people or person. Halford H. Fairchild (1992)

How our global community may triumph over prejudice;

The society can triumph over this ill practice through the gathering of information; this involves a person’s commitment to collect the facts. This will help one to understand the community they live in and will lead them in to making rational decisions than merely thriving on prejudgment and false assumption. This does not take a one man’s shot but a collective responsibility to bring about the change that is desired. Levin, J. (2002)

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Secondly, there should be a mechanism to enhance education so to enable bring up authentic and influential leaders who are informed. Lack of prior knowledge will lead to barbaric thinking which will in promote hate and a retrogressive mindset. It takes well educated leaders to preach against social injustices. On the contrary, our leaders have always secluded and engaged the rule of divide-and-rule because they are hungry for power and less concerned about the social well being of the entire community. If this kind of thinking is purged out there is the assurance to triumph over prejudice. Halford H. Fairchild (1992)

Furthermore, there is need for a personal commitment which is the analysis someone takes on the external and internal environment. This is important in the campaign against prejudice and preparing self for both the short-term and long-term action in instigating change. It is inevitable that the inside affects the outside and that transformation emanates from the inside but calls for a collective responsibility to erase prejudice. Levin, J. (2002)

Negotiation is an important concept if the community wants to bring down the strings of prejudice. This is when diverse views, opinions and feelings are tabled and round table talks called so to draw a common consensus. This seeks to shed more light on unresolved issues, hence conflict is formalized. Halford H. Fairchild (1992)

Last but not least, direct action is brought to play. This is mostly in cases where negotiations hit a dead end. Whatever the outcome, there has to be a common ground and a point of linking than leave the issues pending. This is bound to blow up if not carefully tamed. There in need to call to patience all anxiety to give room for articulation of the conditions surrounding the issues contested for. Halford H. Fairchild (1992)

In conclusion, reconciliation is core and an affirmation of victory against prejudice. This is able to bring the two parties or people together to form a coalition and work together to implement and enable the change they desire. This is by way of exercising discipline, respect for authority, transparency and openness to views and opinions geared towards the common interest.


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