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Question: In relation to information about ethical and legal issues concerning assessment utilization, what did you learn?

Answer: I learned that, the process of doing assessment ought to be done with devotion of the laid down ethics and the legal terms. Respondents’ rights are supposed to be protected at every instance an evaluation procedure is being carried out (Richmond, 2013).

Based on clinical and counseling matters, particularly phycology and testing, one has to judge and assess information that is provided to the examiner. The information is given in the form of answers on paper or interview questions or by use of a computer when relating to specific questions. The accuracy of the test depends on the seriousness and the carefulness involved in posing the questions.

In testing of psychology, the rule of tests security ought to be adhered to. The results obtained from any test conducted should be stored and kept in a place away from public access. The information ought not to be published in journal, newspapers or in the internet against the will of a patient. Psychological tests include intelligence tests, aptitude and achievement tests and neuropsychological tests that measures deficits in mental effectiveness. The outcomes of the tests should not be uncovered to the public without permission from the patient.

I learned that psychological tests should be interpreted and administered ethically by a psychologist and engaging any other person in such practices will be against the law. Some people unethically administer to respondents without the qualifications either through the internet or physically. A counselor with the appropriate academic qualification and supervision is eligible in conducting the psychological test.

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The information needed should be given voluntarily. It is unethical to oblige anyone to give out information. In providing information, someone’s preferences ought to be respected and one has to keep in mind that the patient is one’s own best judge. The outcomes of the assessment must not be used to label, evaluate and limit the respondent in any manner. The respondent should be free to give out the information required without perimeters.

In employee screening tests, it is to be conducted without harassment. The respondents ought to provide the data required without duress so that they can be able to give the right information. The results of the screening should be confidential and kept safe far from the rest of the public. The screening process must be done by a professional in order to give the right information required and do it using the proper method.

In addition, I learned that, while extracting information from people through direct interviews, one has to be courteous and respectful to the people he is handling. The right language ought to be used that is easy to understand by the individuals one is interacting with in the process of assessment. If the person being assessed is deaf, suitable ways of valuation should be used such as the use of a third party that is able to decode the signs. Other physically challenged people ought to be handled with care for them not to feel derelict or unworthy (“Background Checks,” 2014).

Question: What is the relevance of the information learned for you personally as a leader?

Answer: As a leader in public relations, the information is critical in my working environment. It reminds me to respect the respondents in any assessment I conduct. It enhances my interrelation skills as I intermingle with various people to serve them adhering to the ethical conduct. It strengthens the weaknesses of forcing people to give out information to the inappropriate limits. It keeps me in the brackets of the law keepers since the ethics are comprised in the legal way of conducting assessment. The assessment should not be selective or biased according to the races or places of origin. It makes me to keep good relationships with the people in the society. It aids in my understanding of the preferences of people thus knowing how to handle their personalities.

Question: As you become qualified to use level A and B assessment after completing the course, what do you think will be the most important information for you?

Answer: The crucial information for me is the acquaintance of eloquently conducting myself professionally according to the ethics and the legal guidelines in my occupation in public relations and human development. I should Pilot my assessment bearing in mind that, the respondents should never be under duress when giving out information. For a guaranteed proper feedback, I should let the respondents be their own best judges. The results of the people being assessed ought to be confidential never to be unveiled to the public (“Ethical and Legal Issues and Assessment,” n.d.).


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