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The IV section of the book talks about economy and equity. Many factors come to play when we talk of harmonious existence and healthy living. Cities have been humanized to promote the welfare of the people. For instance, though the space is small in such places like Bangkok, the people who live there have realized opportunities for better lives. There is a bit of economic power in a free market. The manner in which public space contributes to the economy takes a center stage in the discussions and narrations held in this part. Cities are generating wealth and there is pressure on the already existing land. All the same, there is a kind of balancing that is taking effect to address the issues affecting humanity.

The ease with which the human race interacts with cities socially, economically and in other areas is of great concern to the authors. People are going shopping and doing other daily activities that add an attractive image to their individual economic power and wealth. The provision of social facilities like Medicare and safety in the cities and countries as a whole has been valued as a means of humanizing them. Money and its circulation has indeed been a determinant of the wealth status of a given locality (Efroymson et al, 43-112). The authors believe a better city to be one which supports human existence including children affairs and any other thing affiliated to humanity.

Generally, the economic power of the people who are living in a city has largely been promoted by the behavior control, health and harmonious state of the society at large. Each of these aspects has had a huge impact on the productivity of all the city dwellers. Bad dwelling habitats have negative effect on the welfare of individuals. Order and decency coupled with equity in service delivery with the boundaries of the city have a magnificent impact on the economic state of the city. Therefore, cities need to be humanized in this form to guarantee a better economy that is sustainable.


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