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A district curriculum coordinator refers to a person, who provides leadership, administrative support, and coordination in the development, implementation, administration, and evaluation of the instructional program in a district. The work of a district curriculum coordinator is ongoing because the curriculum should undergo development every time when necessary. For instance, a district curriculum coordinator will have to assess current student data, advocate initiatives to better academic performance, and evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives in the days to come. This paper will consider the identification of individuals to participate in the curriculum development process, the sources of student data, and how curriculum development will lead to improvement of academic performance in a district.

The development of an educational curriculum in a district involves a district curriculum coordinator, school board members, superintendent, principals, parents, teachers, and students. These individuals are extremely influential in the development of a useful education curriculum within a district. A district curriculum coordinator will gather the relevant and up-to-date information and provide leadership throughout the planning and organization of curriculum reformation. School board members advocate for curriculum development, provide a public support for instructional programs, and approve the curriculum documents upon development. A superintendent institutes support systems, which promote risk taking and provide enough resources for the development of educational curriculum. Principals study various instructional issues and allocate resources, such as finances and time for the development of curriculum. Teachers gather information on the current instructional techniques that are effective. Parents serve as advocates for the school going children, cooperative advisors, and editors. Finally, students help determine the acceptable levels instruction through the change of their behaviors. The sources of student data will include teachers’ records of student performance. These sources of student performance data that will help determine the extent of curriculum development required.

The cooperation of all the individuals in the process of curriculum development will lead to a positive transformation of an educational curriculum in a district. A district curriculum coordinator ensures that cooperation persists among the stakeholders of curriculum development process. The performance of students in academics and other activities help determine whether the curriculum needs development or not. For instance, little development of the curriculum is necessary for the highly performing student population in a district.


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