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Deviance is always something different, but not only different, it is considered as a deviation from the accepted norms. People perceive it as a bad influence on each individual, and on the society in general. Deviation from the accepted norms has always been a torture for the people who were different from the others. The first respondent of the survey was the man from Nebraska, 22 years old, a student, who studied a chemical engineering at university. He didn’t take an introduction to sociology or social deviance course, though; he could give examples of deviant behavior. From his words two years ago there were two rapes in his university. Men compel women to please them and have sex with them. The man said that he knew those rapists well, and he couldn’t suppose that they could ever do such a crime. Perhaps, they did it to prove their masculinity. Taking into consideration the fact that the majority of the students are men, and the minority is women, there can be made a conclusion that the lack of women at university makes men desire those few potential victims. Moreover, there can be made one more reason: another race, namely because of this men are most likely to offend and rape women.

Alex Thio gives similar example where deviant behavior can clearly be seen:

Three boys forced a special education girl to have sex with them, abusing her with a broomstick. However, one of the boys was later described as a polite teenager who wanted to go to the college (Thio, 2010).What is more, people can assume that one more intention of the boys’ was that a girl had a special education, she was not like them, she was different, and this was the major reason boys made a rape. Furthermore, Thio concludes: “Women are treated as if they were man’s property; women are used as objects to enable men to prove their masculinity; women are believed to have a secret desire to be raped, and girls are taught to play the feminine, submissive role”(2010). Nevertheless, there are many doubts whether woman wants to be raped or not.

The second respondent was a 38 years old woman from New York; a teacher at university, her major was foreign languages. She started her career at school as a teacher, and later was teaching at university. For the time she has been working at school, the woman can give numerous examples of deviant behavior. For example, those pupils who were wearing outrageous attire were blamed and offended by others. Without a doubt, other clothes make children become the victims for the others. One girl said that her best pop singer is Pink, and that is why she decided to change the color of her hair, and came to school having a pink hair. The reaction was immediate: pupils started to sneer at her, and say rude words. However, in reality she didn’t disturb anyone, just her appearance make others show aggressive behavior towards her. One more example: teenager pregnancy. 16 years old girls became pregnant from her coeval, and it was a shock not only for the couple and their parents, but also for the school. Not only teachers stuff, but also the pupils were surprised at such an outcome. As a result, the girl should leave school because of her pregnancy and the peer pressure. Obviously it was not a pleasure for her, and the only way was to give a birth to the child and change the school.

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According to the researcher Akers, people want to be noticed, especially teenagers. They smoke, try drugs, alcohol, and do whatever possible to be accepted by others. Unfortunately, in most cases it ends badly. At first, teenager may try drugs to feel a pleasure, and get stoned. Then, he or she becomes addicted to it. At last, because of lack of money, an individual decides to commit a crime, and later the person justifies the act of crime as the only way to get money and one more dose (Akers, 1973).

Another respondent is a 14 years old girl from the secondary school, and she is from the California. Knowing that at school there are many conflict situations she told the story about her friend who became the victim of other pupils. She had black color of skin, her parents were divorced, and she leaved with her mother. These are the major reason why other pupils started to offend her, to say her rude words, and not accept as a personality at all. What is more, the girl admitted that her friend wanted even to make a suicide. Hopefully, teachers and parents intervene, and helped her to overcome the obstacles on that period of time.

Akers also states: "The conflict school rightly emphasizes that one cannot assume widespread consensus in public opinion about what is right and desirable from which misled or 'unadjusted' individuals deviate”(1973). So, there can be made a conclusion that people should stand together in such difficult situations, and help each other in everything.

The fourth respondent was a farmer, 54 years old, he had ended secondary school, and he was from Virginia. He explained deviant behavior by saying that it is everything what is different from the standards. The example that he showed was more than astonishing. He told a story about one family that disinherited its son and got him out of the village, making him an exile. The matter was in the son’s willingness to get married with a woman who was from another village, and who had various customs. The farmer told that he knew that family and that those strong beliefs and customs were strange even for him.

Kai T. Erikson showed similar example: “A man may disinherit his son for conduct that violates old family traditions or ostracize a neighbor for conduct that violates some local custom” (Erikson, 1966). So, these two examples showed that influences of the family and society are really enormous. In such situations person should resist protesting and state about his or her rights as a personality, no matter how hard it can be.

The fifth respondent was a judge, 61 years old man from Germany; she had ended the university, and had worked more than 30 years as a judge. Working such a long time in the court of law, he could give the bright examples of the deviant behavior. He said that most cases in a court were rapes, and that is why he remembered his friend, the director of one prison who had told him the situation in prison that is now regarded as a common. That man told about the male-against-male rape. It is definitely abnormal for the mankind. He argued that more and more men suffer from others, cruel and ferocious people. Seemingly, this situation cannot be regarded as normal, even for the prisoners. Psychologists said that making a male-against-male rape makes one man feel dominant and stronger, and the other is shown as a victim, weak, and become similar to the girl. It is not sexual desire, the dominance and the willing to be the first are the main factors that stimulates men rape others violently, without any compassion.

So, there were interwieved five people who showed different examples of the deviant behavior. All the answers that people gave were discredited, and not accepted by the society. These facts give rise to important conclusions. First of all, a person should always believe in himself or herself, otherwise people would see them as weaker and worthless for the society. Then, it is of a paramount importance to remember all the time about consequences. What does it mean? An individual should always be careful and attentive to his or her words, as everything that is new and different is regarded as wrong and useless. Finally, a personality should always defend himself or herself, and resist, as it is the best way to convince others to accept something new.

The demographic characteristics have partially affected the answers. Each respondent was talking in a bit different way, for example, the older people remembered the situations from the past, and the younger people were talking mainly about the recent examples. Furthermore, each of them tried to remember the facts from their work or the stories of their colleagues.


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