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Media is essential in every modern society because it educates, informs, entertains, and warning masses on certain issues. Mass media includes television, electronic games, films, video, and newspapers. Despite its positive effects on people, mass media has a detrimental effect on culture. Media causes aping of other cultures; moral decadency, violence, aggressive, and distortion of identity among people.

One of the ways in which television and movies have on culture is that the audience tends to copy other people’s way of life. This mostly affects the teens and children because they are quite vulnerable and easily influenced. For instance, when youths are watching television programs that involve violence or action movies, they tend to get aggressive. This is because media portray that their culture is inferior to the one shown in the movies. As a result, the youth gets attracted to the culture in the media, and abandon theirs because of the need to be identified with a superior culture (Klein, 2007).

Moreover, television and movies also have a corrosive effect on the people’s culture, especially on the moral uprightness in the society. Because some movies portray sexuality and obscenities, the audience, mostly the young people, tend to lose their values. Because media seems to be celebrating those cultures, the youth unconsciously engages in sexual activities, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Furthermore, the dressing and walking style of the people changes a great deal due to the media. This happens through the adverts and endorsements. For instance, in the media, businesses promote their products by endorsing certain celebrities who are popular among the youth. Therefore, it leads to moral decadency among people in the society.

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In addition, television and movies programs have many effects on culture. This is because media tends to control the people’s lives through adverts, soap operas, and music. Individuals, especially the youths are adversely swayed by these programs, since they are all after the fashion. Consequently, their values, beliefs, and language tend to change towards the actors in the movies. For example, the Mexican soaps have a way of changing people’s attitudes towards relationships in life. Additionally, people abandon their traditions because they unconsciously adapt the new cultures. For instance, people who watch American movies eventually get westernized after some time.

What is more, the many electronic games released to the world market have numerous negative effects on culture. One of the effects is that it alters people's way of doing things. For example, the children traditional plays are distorted because they are forced to stay indoors all the time. Moreover, these games also affect the way children’s language, dressing style, and socialization process. Because some of the games bear aggressive and sexual themes, they influence people’s moral values. For instance, in children who play action electronic games tend to develop violent and criminal behaviors, and they eventually become a menace in the society.

Within the past few years, there are numerous electronic games that were released to the public by the inventors. Some of them include Grand Theft Auto III, Playstation 2, RapeLay, the Sims, Guitar Hero , A War of Warcraft (2004), Wii Sports , and Brain Age. Another influential game is the Baby Shaker, who was released in 2009, and it too faced great opposition from people. Moreover, there is the Super Mario 64 game that was also recently introduced to the public a few years ago. Pitfall, Halo, Mystery House, Gran Turismo, and Contra are other recent, important games that have been released to the people. Therefore, the above facts are a clear indication that media has negative effects on culture.

Some of the controversial issues on the electronic games over the years include violence and crime, addiction, negative social development, sexual themes, and aggressive behaviors among the users. First, children that play these games are susceptible to addiction; hence, they will have affected academic performance. Secondly, psychologists associate these games with development of aggressive behaviors among young people. Thirdly, many individuals argue that video games carry sexual themes that in turn influence children’s morality. Fourthly, another group of people assert that electronic games affect children’s social development. Fifthly, these games can cause children to embrace violence and crime. Evidently, the media has serious negative effects on the culture.


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