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Electricity in easy words can be defined as a property of matter which is the consequence of the presence or movement of the electric charge. Engineering researchers from University of Minnesota have discovered a new alloy that transfers heat directly into electricity. This extraordinary method is in the early stages of development. During a small-scale demonstration by the research team, the new material begins as a non-magnetic material, which suddenly becomes strongly magnetic when the temperature is slightly raised. As a result the material absorbs heat and produces electricity in a surrounding coil. This team’s research was recently published in the first issue of the new scientific journal Advanced Energy Materials. The method used by this team can have an immense impact on creating environmentally friendly electricity from waste heat sources. Researchers claim that this material can very likely be used to capture waste heat from a car's exhaust that would heat the object and produce electricity for charging the battery in a hybrid car. Moreover, this process can be used in future to capture rejected heat from industrial and power plants. This amazing process can also use temperature differences in the ocean to create electricity. The research team is also looking forward to the commercialization of this technology. The leader of this research team exclaimed, "This research is very promising because it presents an entirely new method for energy conversion that's never been done before (Richard James).” This method is being taken as the ultimate 'green' way to create electricity as it uses waste heat to create electricity with zero carbon dioxide. "This research crosses all boundaries of science and engineering. It includes engineering, physics, materials, chemistry, mathematics and more (Richard James).”


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