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Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, on the 8th of January, 1935. His twin brother was stillborn so Elvis was brought up as an only child. In 1948 he and his parents moved to Memphis, Tennessee. There Elvis graduated from High School in 1953.

Country and gospel music, pop and R&B performed by the Afro-Americans influenced Presley’s musical choice later on. In the end of 1954 he started his career as a singer with the Sun Records label, Memphis. In 1955 his records were sold to RCA Victor. One year later Elvis Presley was recognized as an international superstar. With his unique versatile style of music he erased all the racial and social barriers in the United States of those times, creating a completely new and very popular music culture.

Despite his career as a singer, Elvis was one of the most popular movie actors of his time. He was shot in 33 very successful films where he played the leading roles. For a couple of years he was considered to be Hollywood’s highest-paid actor. Most of his moves were concert documentaries. Presley sold over a billion records across the whole globe. He won multi-platinum, platinum, and gold awards (including 3 Grammy Awards) for the amount of sales in the United States. The proudest event of his life was when Elvis was named One of the Ten Outstanding Men of the Nation for 1970. He toured a lot through America during the 1970s, giving about 1,100 concerts within just eight years. Despite his fame and a good possibility to have anything he wanted, he served a full term in the U.S. Army.

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Elvis was far from arrogant or selfish. His kindness, humility, sensuality, good looks, talent, charisma, and a good sense of humor earned him a great reputation. Elvis Presley is well-known around the whole world just by his first name. His generosity did not know limits: Overwhelmed with feelings and emotions he gave away cash, Cadillacs, and jewelry. He conducted many charity activities. For all he loved and knew, and even for the complete strangers, he bought houses, gave gifts, paid medical bills and debts, supported families and much more. This legacy of the singer still continues nowadays through the work of his Charitable Foundation which is a branch of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. At the University of Memphis still exists his Endowed Scholarship Fund. Most of Elvis’ fan clubs worldwide are involved in charitable activities continuing his way of giving.

The artist died in Memphis on the 16th of August, 1977.

The most important for me in the music of Elvis is that he was not afraid to overtake those genres of music which were popular among Afro-Americans – this helped to both make him a celebrity and to erase the barriers between people a little bit. His music facilitated the struggle of Afro-Americans for their rights.

I like rock’n’roll and Presley can undoubtedly be called the King of the Rock’n’Roll music. His music has meaning to me also because it is so versatile. He performs in many different ways: From romantic to sometimes crazy and shattering.

Elvis Presley is an outstanding individual who combines in one person many of those traits I would like to possess. The way he expressed himself, treated other people, confidence with which he performed at stage are all very close to my heart and mind.

His music totally reflects his personality. It attracts with its beauty, elegance, and sophistication. On the other hand, it energizes and inspires. Presley’s music goes from the very bottom of his heart that is why many people find themselves in his records. One time he is very peaceful and the other time – rebellious. Elvis’ charisma if felt in his song. They lead you away to the other world which exists in Presley’s imagination and which is so accurately transferred to his songs.


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