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Andy Wainwright is the newest member of the W & W family, but in the six months he has been able to create a niche for him in the company. Andy is one of the most intelligent people working in the firm, with a very distinct educational background, and what is most important is that he knows his job well. As per the custom of the company, below we will try to do an employee evaluation on Andy.

Andy has just started his career, but unlike many of the beginners, Andy is quite different. He knows the stock market inside out and this is considered as one of the most important qualities of the employees working with the firm. With the help of his sound knowledge as well as his dedication, Andy has given his clients handsome profits in his short stay with the company and this has benefited our company immensely. Another very important aspect of Andy is his accuracy in market analysis. He is really good with computers and that has given him a certain edge in the company. Also he is a very good researcher, and to back his research he likes to spend time with different investment data, different related websites and blogs, so that one can say that he is fixated to his digital screen. Andy is one of the most industrious employees of our esteemed concern and he is well liked by all the colleagues. Andy has most of the ingredients that are needed from a competent market analyst, he is hard working, he is knowledgeable as well as he is really good in reading the market and all of these aspects will go in his favor.

W & W wants their brokers to be competent market analysts and the company also has a reputation for giving personal services to the customers. Andy is brilliant in the first case, while he lacks in the second aspect. It is felt that Andy does have a certain kind of problem while communicating with his professional kinds from different fields of the society. Every client always demands the complete attention of the broker, and it is important for Andy to give them that only to satisfy them with his endeavor. There is a problem with Andy’s written and oral communication. For example, while in general meetings, all the reports of Andy are long, as he fails to analyze what is the most important point in the report that others need to know. Actually it shows that though he is working hard but still he some times fails to get the most important point of the report. We have to mention that he has to develop his written and communication skills. This will be beneficial for Andy, his colleagues as well as the clients. Another important thing is that every corporate organization does have a certain dress code, and Andy does not seem to care for that dress code. And this has been complained about the ‘offbeat’ dress code of him, as the wrong dresses might signal some thing wrong to the clients. Andy has to be careful about that.

Andy has all the skills that are needed to become successful in the market and he can be a very good and competent market analyst one day. But what I would like to point out is that he has to develop his people skills, like his choice of clothes, his interaction with his clients, or developing his presentation. Andy is one of the best researchers of the firm. I am sure that he will have a very long and prosperous future with the firm.


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