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Qualitative research is a type of scientific research. The researchers systematically use a pre defined set of procedures to find the closest answer of the question. Collecting evidences and most importantly different kinds of information are two very important aspect of the research. Finally, a qualitative research aims to produce different findings that were not generally “determined in advance, and also the finding can be applicable beyond the immediate boundaries of the study” (Hesse-Biber, 2010).

On the other hand, in simple words, “the quantitative research is all about the quantifying relationships between variables” (Denscobe, 2007). In the social sciences, quantitative research is the systematic empirical research of the quantitative properties and their relationships. Mathematical models, theories and other different hypotheses are employed in the process. The measurement process is central in the process, as it provides the fundamental connection between the empirical observation and the mathematical expression of all the quantitative relationships.

Qualitative research involves analysis of data, like different interviews, videos, pictures and objects such as artifacts. However, quantitative research is the analytical process of numerical data from different fields. There is a classic paradigm war that deals with the strengths and weaknesses of the qualitative and quantitative research. In the sphere of social sciences it is a really “hot debate” (Hesse-Biber, 2010).

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Evidence Based Practice

Evidence based practice provides a lot of data based on periodic evaluation of factors on the basis of questioning various sects of people. It also makes use of clinical evidences to come to a conclusion. Implementing an Evidence Based practice should be phased and planned. The steps involved are as following: 1) questioning 2) searching 3) analyzing 4) executing and evaluating (Nachmias-Frankfort and Nachmias, 2008).

The practice commences by a thorough questioning of a client who is faced with a social predicament. In the second phase, key issues are identified based on the practice of effective questioning. This generates specific data relating to the problems, requirements, indicators and other issues faced by the client. In the third phase the data from the previous phase is analyzed and examined carefully keeping in mind the individuality of the client to form the evidences required to act upon the situation. In the final phase a course of action is decided upon based on evidences formed by careful analysis. The consent of the client is sought and if acquired the practice is implemented and constantly evaluated. Based on progress descriptions the approach is adopted, customized or altered (Hesse-Biber, 2010).

Research Methods

In modern day investigative study is one of the most significant aspects that dictate the different sectors. And there are mainly three types of research methods in doing so that are available to use. These are qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methodology. Basically in any research, the personality, or most importantly the thinking style of the researcher or even the culture of the organization is very important while deciding the method of research. But it is also important how to mix the methods or integrate them only to get the results like in the mixed research methods. Many social science researchers have developed their skills in both the qualitative and quantitative research methods only to apply them in their respective works.

Manuscript Organization

Manuscript organization is a skill and knowledge essential for any researcher. It includes proper formatting of the paper including the correct use of text, abstract, citations, tables and texts to name a few. There are several types of data that are generally available in a research process, like field notes, audio-visual inputs and transcripts. After compiling all the data together one could find the real answer of the research but to put it in the paper it requires certain norms and these norms can be stated as manuscript organization.


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