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Two words showing language are changing

The words Blackberry and Webcast are a manifestation of how language changes over time. The two words did not feature prominently in the last three decades but in the last decade they have gained global usage and their meaning are known to many people across the globe. 

You Tube and Global warming in reference to international use.

The English language has gone through rapid evolution and spread across the globe. Today there is  the emergence of some English words which are widely accepted and more popular in the communication system across the globe.For instance words such as  You Tube and  Global warming are a true manifestation that English is an international language. You Tube is revolutionizing the world through technological advancement in internet video transmission. It is  possible to watch live  video across the globe through You Tube. Therefore, it is prudent to note that YouTube immensely popularized the spread of English as an international language. Similarly, the word global warming is widely used in all places across the globe. This is because of the attention given to the environmental degradation in many international fora.

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You Tube and Global warming words  have turned to be a global household word. This is because of their wide use across the globe. In this regard, You Tube and Global warming words  have changed from being English words to being international understood word. This is because even non English speakers know what You Tube and Global warming are.

Internet communication has lead to a paradigm shift in English language use. This is because there has been a rapid emergence of new words which are not standard English. Effective communication is very important in running an organization as well as interpersonal relationships. It involves sending of relevant information to the required person without any problem. There are several benefits of effective communication. These benefits include, good relationship, good understanding among others. In an organization for instance , communication is critical in many ways. For instance, effective communication is used to motivate employees, change the public perception concerning a given product. However, the innovation in communication technology as precipitated the emergence of casual language which not difficult for some group of people but also hinder smooth  universal communication. In this regard, this analysis is in handy to bridge the gap of communication  created by the emergence of new words.

Information and communication technology plays a critical role in business growth as well as effective communication in the society. The adoption and use of technology in conversing as well as running of businesses have become more ubiquitous over the last decade as business settings become increasingly transformed. This is because technology has enabled the emergence of new language in the communication system. The advances in technology and its subsequent incorporation in companies and organizations such as universities is grounded in the framework of transforming business into world class companies that are in tandem with the fast changing technological world. The reasons for this are not particularly hard to comprehend given the myriad of benefits that have been associated with the adoption of such technologies. Technological development has come with tremendous improvement in the running of the business enterprises world over.  In addition, it has revolutionized the communication system among the people. The advent of computer and computer software has further precipitated the use of slang in communication.

Research evidence from studies on  computer-mediated communication for casual communication depicts that there is a growth of  several styles  of non-standard English which follow distinctive stylistic facets. In addition, to the primary linguistic interest of this  incident, internet  information search is greatly   affected  because when some email communication  have a casual language or  spelling errors, then it becomes  difficult to search and find the meaning of some emerging words. Moreover,  when an email is drafted in a language which the recipient does not understand, then communication becomes difficult. 

The spread of English Language and the international use of You Tube and Global Warming

English is used across the globe because it is the business language in many countries. Therefore, the English language has spread to parts of the world as a result of trade. You Tube and Global warming is also used internationally because they impact the life of all people across the globe. You Tube company is virtually present everywhere across the globe and therefore it has a great impact in peoples’ everyday life. Similarly, the global debate on global warming is common to all global media houses hence it is known by many people globally.


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