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The fast food industry is one of the industries termed as global for it focuses on employment to all people in the world; this food industry brings broader changes in the society as they promote the social interactions and maximum comfort to all people of different races (Royle 2002). The level of employment has grown drastically because most organizations or industries are targeting to offer quick services in order to raise high income rates that can take the industries into higher heights. Though making income is the greatest dreams to this industry, their services offer high charging rates as the workers are always demanding their rights as they continue expecting the payments to increase from time to time even as the work conditions are becoming tough or expedient to some extent.

The government is willing to lower tax from these industries so that individuals owning these companies can be able to pay their workers. In this case, most industries are employing inexperienced people so that the industries can be able to pay them. The fast food industries have created part time jobs to workers thus opening an extremely convenient service because most people are able to work from the comfort of the time scheduled at, though we are considering part time job creation as central (Pollan 2009). It also has some negative impacts because most people do term it as insecure, and the workers paid less that cannot certain them in day to day activities of humans.

This company always emerges at appoint where they deny the employees their salaries thus making the industry humanize the rights of humanity.

The low pay generated by these companies makes the workers perform their duties at their no comfort zones because only the provision of finance or motivation in the place of work can improve the working conditions in the fast food growing industries. If the management does not pay the workers, the picture portrayed is that they undermine workers at no explainable reason. The brewing industries have increased drastically, and in large cities of the world, though this policy is of advantage to some extent, the policy set for the cost of the brands that are new are increasing daily as the pricing are influencing the sales of the products and equality in the market.

The franchise system brings multinationals with various advantages over the other forms of expansion. This system provides the industries with the capital which later does the franchisee to share the cost and the risk that may be associated with the expansion that is internationals. Most nations entail at work at the same level, though most nations are still below the line (Allan 2002), they are all emerging speedily due to influence and the modernization of today. The areas that are much influenced are the restaurants, refreshment shops, supermarkets and resting places where individuals are providing snacks and drinks but at a cost. Chicken, burger and pizza industries and shops that deal with sandwich are expanding drastically as a result of how people in the business are pursuing unionization that later leads to standardization at the various places of work in the world.

This system also allows multinationals to local, extensive knowledge to entrepreneurs, the upcoming small business people are now days becoming more open minded because so much of ideas raised at lower levels can emerge to large industries no matter low capital raised to come up with the business. Finally, the franchise services or systems are mostly effective and efficient in bringing down the cost of labor to be done because it stands to motivate the workers unlike with the managers that do earn by getting wages. In a negative term, the fat food industries or companies are making income by violating people's health matters through the way they increase their product sales of fat, rich products, sugar or even salt.

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In the labor relations, countries like America come out with conditions of employment than other industrialized companies of the world (Royle 2002). The establishment of this policy makes the employers fire their workers because they always feel superior to their counterparts. The levels of the protections workers need comes from the employers that why they feel so superior because they act as life time securities to their workers termed as working horses. When the young people are working in those industries, the provision of medical services not provided until they become elderly and the notice in the place of work not provided on time or at the time scheduled to work as the employers given few hours to earn as they may desire. In the other cases, the employees work for more hours or even work up to later hours than they can handle.

The labor relation fails when there is an absence of union between and among the employees and the employers leading to low income rates in the industries. The level of fast growing food industries is leading toward success in terms of opening new chances daily for employment. Through this formation of industrialized opportunities, new ideas and skills come into implementation causing new creation of job opportunities to local and international levels. The labor relation is into consideration when there is an absence of union between and among the employees and the employers leading to low income rates in the industries. The level of fast growing food industries is leading toward importance not only in terms of sales but also in terms of opening new chances daily for employment.

In considering the age that the industries are aiming, in the USA fast food employees are young, women and mostly work part time while in other countries the same case also applies. They work with little knowledge of previous experience of work or from the trade union (Obesity in America 2008). Though fast food industries are full of teenagers, the level of sympathy is extremely little for the older fast food workers that are present in the company since they are seeing them as failures. They see things moving apart from their expectation.

In this case, the labor level is not homogeneous, and the individuals found in the labor market are unequal, vary from one feature to the other as they go round looking for employment. Furthermore, the question that arises is: why are the workers despot considering the experience required to be paid lowly as they work under poor conditions due to lack of previous work experience? Beside that, why are the youths without or with minimal experience discriminated against the terms of rights of what they demand to be paid? In most cases, the workers have the experience but in areas where no previous experiences are in application to the current specialization of work. The employees with minimal knowledge of work from elsewhere are in the category of other workers with no experience (Schlosser 2001).

There is a need to establish law that protects and promotes the payment of workers and establishes rules to all employers in order not to miss-use the workers. There is indeed a gap that has emerged declining the way employers, trade unions and the representative bodies which are making the state stand in an unequal position (Schultz 1999). In states that are developing, the outcomes are a bit favoring to the workers’ interests even in the places where work is union. Freedom of association and rights should focus on the formation of the trade unions.

When all is not well, bargain between the employees and employers is encouraging to take place, strike has also led to better work in industries because the owners of these industries fear to incur losses. The human rights in the law based on international levels and regional associations are establishing to fight the rights of all workers, in all international levels in order to lower the challenges that the employees undergo.

There are various formations of rules that need to be addressed in either through unilateral rule making where one party can be able to enforce or rather come up with new rules to other parties, this happens when the manager comes out with the rules to govern the industry without consulting any other member working in that work.

The other form of rule formation is the bilateral rule –making which occurs when two parties or groups come up with the rules. In this case, the employee negotiates with the employer over the payment or rather the working relationship. Beside the two given forms, multilateral rule making also occurs when three or more parties come together and establish new rules. With the ideological, most people get work in relation to the competition about what is of value (Bray 2001). The fast moving food industries have become a freelance opportunity or leisure as discussed before, most people can now get food at their comfort e.g. when one is traveling one needs to carry food right away from home because there is a lot on the streets. Nowadays there is a quantity of foods and drinks that the industries thus creating comfort to individuals found in offices or resting places.

In broader industrialized terms, each company is an entity that prevails in order to fulfill a certain target in the future. Strong leadership and extreme level of communication between employers and employees should be adhered in order to arrive to the future dream expectation. The employees should be loyal to the industries where they work as they recognize the common objective of the people already working as part and parcel of the organization. The formation of unions should compete for the loyalty of all humanity in fast food industrialized workplaces. In most cases, the industrial conflict brings communication that is fairly and most employees fail to get interests of the commodity that they sell in order to incur profit.

The fast food industries should concentrate on how the managers plan for the requirement of the human resource and the way in which the employee’s selection and recruitment are proceeding (Leidner 2002). To make the working conditions improve, the employees should be trained on how to manage even themselves in order to be efficient as they work. The employees to some extent need to be rewarded so that they become motivated over their work. The management should retire the employees so that new gaps of employment can be opened to other individuals in the society.

There is always inherent misunderstanding between and among workers and employers. This conflict comes when there is unequal share of profit in the society that is capitalism. People with various means of production always feel as if they have superior power over those who go to work for wages (Stambaugh 1988). The trade union leads the employers to form the collects of the workers, union in some cases brings challenges to management of control and the way national products need to be distributed.

Workers should provide the labor power in order to be paid their wages, this means that they should report working for duties; they demand to be paid for the length of labor they have worked. The enterprise has people who have various different interests, objectives and aspirations. The power sharing is between the bargaining parties and no any other party depends on the other. The nature of the relationship with employment underlies antagonisms that are structural and have the capability of producing conflict in the market place. Rational promotional emphasis on criticism based on perspectives that are pluralist.

Finally, it is essential to rate ideological perspectives into three different forms, i.e. the unitarist, pluralist and radical. In each case, the analytical tools come out as a set of concepts that analyze the relations in employment.


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