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The act of giving results from a person’s inner drive. It is neither an obligation nor a duty. However, people may give for two reasons. One of the reasons is because people are forced by circumstances or situations to do so. For instance in the case when financial aid is required, and there is only one person who can help. The second reason is for pleasure and willingness. Giving is the act of transferring something without expectations of getting something else in return. When people give willingly, they satisfy their inner drive and motives. Even the Christian Bible and Holy Koran advocate for giving. They argue that the giver is more blessed than the receiver and that it is the duty of those who have to share with the less fortunate. This paper will focus on my giving life and the feelings associated with it.

Giving makes someone feel good.  I always feel like my brain experiences a positive feeling both when giving to another person and when witnessing a giving activity. There is a warm glow when one gives to other people either through pledges or instant charity. My visit to a children’s home made me feel useful. My father always wanted me to visits children’s home since I was as young as 8- years- old. By that time, I did not have much to offer, since I was little kid so I didn’t have money or enough power to help others or offer. I was always wondering what lessons I learn by these visits. I lacked enough reason to visit a children’s home without anything to offer and thought of changing my mind. I had the inner drive because this is something I had always wanted to do. I gathered some of my best clothes, collected some of my food and some $100 from my savings. Then, I convinced a friend of mine, Sarah to go with me. I was received warmly and had a good time with the children. I watched the children fitting in my clothes and this filled my heart with happiness. When the children scrambled for food, tears rolled down my cheeks. My heart felt good because I helped put food on someone’s table. The action of visiting a children’s home brought a sense of belonging and worthiness of living since I felt useful to the children. It raised my self-esteem while bringing life satisfaction. Now I know what lesson my father wanted me to learn. The feeling of giving was refurbished by the love from these kids. The feeling that I was there for them and could give them my love as a gift filled my heart.

The benefits associated with giving are bound to last for years, and it affects other aspects of life. Since I started giving to others from early ages, my body organs enlarged and do not suffer from anxiety or depression. I always do not feel good for what I get, but for what I give. “You only have what you give, and it is by spending that one becomes rich” (14). Negative emotions are erased by kind and compassionate deeds. In addition, giving influences people’s perception of a particular person. It brings admiration, recognition and approval. For instance, the students I gave my books in class admired me and recognized my presence.

Moreover, there is another instance of giving that has happened in my life and brought a good feeling. I helped raise a colleague’s tuition fees when I had my first job back in my country, Iran, 3 years ago. This helped me realize that I was still the same person I was many years ago. I did not have much money to spend on other people’s needs, but I just felt that I should do it. I spent time thinking about the colleague, and this kept my mind occupied. Everybody who knew me expressed praises that to me seemed too much. They showed respect towards me. The stress and depression that I used to have, declined tremendously while my health status, improved considerably. Surprisingly, the colleague started visiting me at my place. We spent a lot of time together sharing about our past and future expectations. Consequently, she introduced me to some of her friends who also became my friends within some time. We spent time together; sometimes partying, other days playing games and studying. After one month or so, I had added weight and my problems seemed over. I became healthier and good looking with relation to what I was told.

The process created a new circle of friends in my life. They filled that part in me that was missing. I fell in love with them and could not spend a single day without hanging out with them. “I was filled with love and it kept growing and multiplying.” I had no time to think about my problems or loneliness again. However, bad luck is human nature. I got a minor accident that hurt my leg. I could not walk and was required to stay in bed while taking my medication. I called my colleague whom I helped raise the tuition fee to inform her of my bad luck. Before I knew it, my house was crowded by friends. They sang a number of encouraging songs to me. This boosted my morale, and I had to get well soon. They volunteered to be visiting me every day to see how I was doing. After they had left, I was engaged in some thoughts, which gave me a detailed flashback of how it all started. I came to realize that it is through giving that people connect and build strong relationships.

During the illness, I discovered something to do with giving. It can be used as a measure of personality. It helps people realize that they are not mean, selfish and inconsiderate. “What is the point of having knowledge, money, experience or talent if I do not give it away?” Rather, it helps people realize that they are generous, compassionate, caring and loving among others. When I started giving, my character traits changed accordingly. It helped me rediscover myself. I realized that I was not who I thought I was. I had lived in depression thinking that people do not care about me. I never thought I can be happy, party and have total fun. The kindness of people overwhelmed me, and I was left wondering whether it was still a dream. I became a happy character after finding something that lacked in me for years.

Giving opened another chapter in my life. The way I used to perceive things changed. The hatred, selfishness, and self-centeredness vanished living me with no option other than to give. I also never thought I would fall in love with so many people. Spending a day without seeing them left me with a deficiency. Interestingly, giving became a habit and as it is well-known; a habit is a disease. The feeling associated with giving leaves me wanting to do it again and again. I came to realize that there was a secret in giving that people have not realized. If they did, then this world would be different. There would be no division in terms of economic and social classes. Societies would live in harmony and peaceful co-existence. It is a pity that those who have more think that those who do not have envy them and think ill of them. This is absurd and incorrect. Giving is the best thing that a person can do in his life and receive a feeling of relieve and happiness.


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