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            The project is up to establishing and implementing a fresh graduate program which will create a solution to problems faced by women in the quest of having a society that incorporates academic studies that will lead to social action and change. It aims at establishing the way in which colleges can incorporate fresh graduates into their career without creating any bias, as one way to boost the performance of the female students in the society. This proposal seeks to identify the areas that promote this aspect of stereotyping as it regards to academic performance of women and providing the possible solutions to this vice (Naples & Bojar 2002).


            Members of the feminine community in our society have in the recent past been trying their level best to do or perform tasks that are thought to be only done by men. Many events and activities and events are perceived to be done by men. As one of the programmes in college, female students will be involved in activities that will ensure that they feel part of the society. These activities will include participating in seminars and discussions where men have always dominated and ensuring that that they are exposed to subjects which have always locked them out.  

Benefits of this Proposal

            The benefits of this proposal are to address the social differences that exist in the society by empowering women through the social that arise upon implementation. Such attitudes may include the changing of attitude of the majority to the point that they may be tolerant to the survival and of women as they do their activities that have in the past been viewed as unfit for them. This will also encourage a positive student/teachers interaction thus promoting their confidence and performance irrespective of the ‘weaknesses’ they have. This will also encourage a ‘female friendly’ learning environment and cultivate the culture that promotes an equal field for all students to work hard and excel. Of great importance is the elimination of mechanisms and situations that promote these inequalities.

Description and practicality

            It is agreeable that there is a lot of social disparities that exist in the society and in the classroom that threatens the co-existence of women. Further stereotyping is seen when much of the publication from women is rarely used and some of their property rights not respected. This creates the need to harmonize this gender difference from the schools and in the society and to increase the role of women in research and publications. This proposal therefore comes at a time when the society is trying to incorporate the role of women in development since they may have useful talents that are rarely found in the masculine world.


            As the society develops, there is always a need to minimize the gap between both genders so as to enhance social action and change. There is always the need to treat all members of the society equally and remove all the elements of stereotyping that may undermine certain members of the society. A total approval and implementation of this proposal is set to curb some of the vices mentioned herein.

Updates on the Project and Achievement

            The art of teaching issues regarding women with the aim of eliminating stereotype threat in the society has been gaining momentum in most university students due to the available opportunities in community organization and other settings which provide an ample environment that enhances social understanding of issues learnt in the classroom (Kimmel & Crawford 1999). During the course of implementation of this proposal for example, student learning was illustrated by the provision of direct interaction of teachers and students at different learning environments. The project also registered an increase in the number of learning courses and programs shared between the community and the learning institutions that adopted the proposal. Many other institutions also sought to identify the appropriate contexts that would enable them support communities and grassroots. It is during this project that that the social actions were placed at the heart of academic project and breaking the long tradition of masculine domination. This automatically placed the role of learning and the measure of its outcomes beyond the classroom.

            During this project, the classroom environment became more conducive for learning due to the mutual respect that arose between teachers and students and this made them to be responsible and sharing of roles became an active phenomenon in the learning process. In the online classroom for example, it was realized that when students were asked questions relating to their learning concepts, a teachers was able to vividly identify their impressions of feminists. The students were seen to have outstandingly developed thinking trends that would forever remain in their other courses, works, and their entire lives especially when they became keen on issues that directly related to gender (Aerni & McGoldrick1999). In the course of this academic study, various instructional aspects were focused on including but not limited to classroom and assessment techniques that would later be a fine product of this course. Focus was made on making science a more inclusive faculty with teachers aiming expanding their scope in the laboratory courses and aiming at using both quantitative and qualitative student experience. This section of the project is still at the early stages of implementation and still requires a lot to be done.

Project presentation

  • This project will focus on the role of academic studies in both male and female studies with the aim of eliminating the stereotypes threats that usually impacts negatively on their academic performance.
  • The focus of this project is college and university students who can be used as tools of carrying out the study and their responses in a certain period of time can be used to indicate the how the society views women (Lapovsky & Beins 2005).
  • At the end of this project it is expected that the gap between the learner and teachers would be greatly reduced.
  • The number of courses offered to women is also expected to increase with great emphasis on the offering of science subjects (Kimmel & Crawford 1999).
  • One of the popular tools that will be used feminist pedagogical studies is service learning which will incorporate the students’ traditional academic learning and further engaging them to civic volunteerism and charity work (Aerni & McGoldrick1999).
  • The assessment of this project will not necessarily deal with the use of test or examinations (Fisher 2001).
  • This project is based on international standards that seek to eliminate the discrimination of women in the academic fields.

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