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The Green Bay Packers, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are one of the American football teams and members of the National Football Conference (NFC) (Gulbrandsen and Butler, 2011). Currently, the Packers are the National Football League (NFT) champions. The Packers having won thirteen league championships, encompassing nine National Football League championships faces major competition from the Chicago Bears (Gulbrandsen and Butler, 2011).

An article published in the Forbes magazine in the September 12, 2011 issue explores how the Green Bay Packers became footballs most improbable financial juggernaut (Gulbrandsen and Butler, 2011). The president and the Chief Executive Officer of Packers football team, Mark Murphy, was the star of the show that was held at Green Bay to present financial analysis of the team. The Packers football team has 112,000 shareholders and it is the only team that is publicly owned in America Evidently, the Packers, as highlighted in the Forbes magazine, are an evolving financial power in the National Football League. In spite of its tiny market, the team’s revenue for 2010 was $259 million, which made Packers secure the eleventh position out of the 32 teams in the league, far above such teams as Atlanta Falcons ($233 million) (Bercovici, 2011). Furthermore, the Packers are often one of the teams which contribute into the National Football League’s reserve instead of drawing from it. Murphy’s main concern that resulted to the new collective bargaining agreement was to ensure that the salary cap was preserved and strengthened as this would avoid affluent teams from taking advantage of the poor ones (Gulbrandsen and Butler, 2011). This novel arrangement was seen to contribute more than maintaining the status quo and the Packers would benefit from it in that it would keep more of its local earnings.


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