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Forensic science is the application of a wide spectrum range of sciences so as to answer questions with the aim of a legal system and may also relate to the crime or civil action. Forensic is derived from a Latin word forensic which means the “of or before the forum”. The word forensic was first used in Rome by the Roman Empire and it was mainly used when people were accused of different crimes (Anson & Bunting 2007). In the current time, people started using forensic in all investigation. It was referred to the crime scene investigation where as there several forms of forensic investigation.

There are various scientific methods that are used in reconstructing crime scene, such as the deduction reasoning, physical evidence and interrelationship so that one can attain an explicit know how of the current event that cover the scene of crime.

Steps in reconstructing a crime scene.

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  • Recognition of the evidence, this means there never be reconstructing until potential evidence is recognized.
  • Collection of necessary evidence and documentation in a crime scene. This is the basis of reconstruction in an investigation scene.
  • Evaluation of the collected evidence and examining the evidence, such that you research on the evidence so that you can gather necessary information.
  • Theory of the evidence. This means one must formulate on ideas of how the event happened and this mainly is assisted by the gathered evidence.
  • Testing is also necessary, checking on the validation of hypothesis. This is achieved by checking the evidence against the known physical laws. Can be done by devising a test to attempt to replicate the occasion of the scene.
  • Reconstruction is the final step where the final result is analyzed, such that the result is reported depending on the event.

A successful crime investigation result from proper collection of various kinds of evidence. There are several ways and mostly important kind of physical evidence such as, tire marks, foot prints, finger prints, fibers, paint and building material (Anson & Bunting 2007). There is also the biological way of evidence which include DNA and blood stains.

Forensic method of investigation of crime scene may be the proper way since physical techniques are utilized and this can be very useful in any investigation processes.


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