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There is an attention that most of employees are in a habit of compiling a report annually of their success, failures and requests for pay increase. This memo is to bring to attention that, the views of performance include natural outcome of human activity and necessity for economic activity (Swanson, Elwood & Holton, 2009 p. 22) which should be addressed to ensure better running of the company.

It is the company’s objective to grow financially and regionally and this cannot happen without monitored ground work developments of each and everyone. The HR department has been receiving annual reports of the staff achievement from which the performance is evaluated. Cases of laxity in performances and achievements by some individuals have been reflected in those reports necessitating the introduction of this new mode of review. Frequent feedback and especially the 360 degree feedback will enhance evaluation and immediate or up to date course of action in case of any challenges detected in the performance. Monthly reports will be expected to provide better feedback and the ease to understand the information contained therein unlike the large volumes of pages in the annual reports that are tedious and time consuming. The report should be detailed and should incorporate group performances and individual assessments and future plans and objectives. All supervisors should make sure that all feedback on employees’ are documented and presented during the regular performance review sessions.

These monthly reports will be the basis of employee appraisals hence should be taken with the seriousness they deserve. Salary adjustments and other performance rewards will be based on these regular feedbacks, which will also foster the establishment and implementation of training programs in the organization including providing an opportunity for career and personal development. Yearly assessment will now be based on the successive monthly report where the high achievers will receive bonuses from the company in form of appreciation rewards. The management has a strategy to increase it productivity by continuous monitoring employees’ performance which lies on the supervisors. The methods of assessment will be in-terms of performance measures, and results orientation. This will enhance gaining of competitive advantage and give confidence to the management (Miner, 2006, p. 192).

These changes should be implemented immediately in order for them to be effective in bringing change to the organization. The structure of the report changes and a new chapter will be introduced where the supervisors will be required to give recommendations based on the report. Challenges encountered in the execution of duties should also be highlighted. The reports should be handed to the secretary at human resource office or to the assistant human resource officer in person on or before the last day of the month. Late reports will be assumed to be negligence on your side, and a penalty may be attracted depending on the reason for the delay. I take this chance to wish you all the best in all the endeavors you are in implementing the said changes that will help in the company’s objectives and expect maximum cooperation from you in this and further issues to come.


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