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The pop culture interest is appropriate for the popular culture course because of its diversity. Research indicates that the pop culture is extremely diverse in its explanations and ensures that there is a clear distinction between different individuals within society. The interest in pop culture is appropriate for the popular culture course because it teaches children about responsible living in society and interactions with other people. This is boosted by its diversity and strong belief in proper development of society through the perpetuation of cultural values. The diversity of the pop culture is defining different responsibilities and has facilitated harmonious living in society, hence boosting its appropriateness to the popular culture course. It teaches individuals about society and the manner in which one can live according to the set cultural values in order to succeed in the entire activities dictated by society. This boosts the spirit of togetherness among societal members.

This topic is essential sociologically because it enables individuals understand the duties and responsibilities of different genders in society. Research indicates that the topic is significant because it gives a proper guide to individuals of different gender about their obligations in society. This helps in the aversion of confusion in the performance of different tasks within society. More so, the topic is noteworthy because it helps individuals pursue different duties and responsibilities in a defined manner which it clearly states. There would be no confusion at any instance in cases where this topic is held accordingly in sociology. The beliefs about the duties and responsibilities of different gender can also be passed from one generation to another without any doubts. Therefore, the topic is fundamental sociologically because it puts forward a clear definition of the obligations for each gender group in society (Barker and Gallof 46).

In addition, the topic is crucial sociologically because it helps in the correction of any gender disparities. Research indicates that the topic could appropriately help in the correction of any inadequacies existing in the gender groups. It caters for both males and females and is aimed at ensuring that individuals get a clear understanding of the required operations within society. People are only to be given tasks that would be effective in ensuring that they are represented well in society. In line with the topic, individuals are able to get the chance to defend their rights in society and ensure that they pursue duties and responsibilities that offer some level of equity that represents the American values.

The McDonaldization theory occurs in cases where a society possesses characteristics related to a fast-food restaurant. It entails the shift from the traditional modes of actions and thoughts to the most current modes of actions and thoughts within society and scientific management. It puts more emphasis on the adoption of current trends within society and ensures that there is a high level of order. The McDonaldization theory affirms, a society can only grow in cases where there is continuous transformation of individuals including their conduct. Additionally, this theory emphasizes on essential aspects such as calculability, efficiency, control, predictability, and cultural hybridization. It urges people to adopt rational means of conduct within society and ensure that there is cultural tolerance. Research indicates that this theory enhances interest in this popular culture course because of its emphasis on the transformation of society. In addition, the theory necessitates individuals within the society to new methods and modes of operation that are asserted by the majority of individuals. People should be rational enough to ensure that they accommodate the views of others and transform the society for the better. Therefore, this theory boosts the interest of pop culture in the popular culture course because of its firm emphasis on the development of society on a rational basis. Societies that do not exhibit significant levels of rationality are not able to succeed in their quest for different things. Individuals must remain steadfast in transforming their societies similar to the transformation of fast foods in restaurants.

Research asserts that the cultivation theory is a social theory that expounds on the long-term effects of television. The theory asserts that the more time people spend in the television world, the more they are made to believe the social reality that is portrayed on the television. The theory seeks to identify the cultural values that are cultivated by the continuous watching of television among individuals and the belief in the matters asserted by the television world. According to the theory, the cultivation of the cultural beliefs of individuals would change over a long period. The effects of television on individuals would take a longer time before it changes their minds and their cultural perspectives. The theory compares the power of television to the power of religion within society. The television can transform society at every instance hence it also transforms society. Research reports indicate that the cultivation theory is an optimistic and positive theory that believes in the existence of value-neural research and objective reality among individuals. In regards to this theory, the pop culture is the interest of the popular culture topic because of its emphasis on the gradual growth of individuals within society. Various influences that occur within society have the potential of changing the society towards a positive course. The theory boosts the interest of pop culture in the popular culture topic because of its positivity in asserting that individuals have the capacity to be transformed through the daily events, which they watch on television. The television is applied as the tool of transformation in the theory because of its wide use in different societies and the many programs that are used to transform the lives of individuals within society (Fedorak 50).

The consumer society theory is a theory that encourages the purchase of goods and services in greater amounts by different, willing individuals. It demands that the rights of the consumer society must be put into consideration before considering other matters within society. According to the theory, the consumer must be adequately catered before other individuals. Consumers should not be discriminated as far as their rights to consume greater amounts of goods and services within society are concerned. The theory also highlights the activities of consumers, consumer protection, and the consumerism movements. The consumer society puts more emphasis on ensuring, there is a proper environment under which consumers can access different commodities and services of their choice and buy them in the amounts that they desire. Therefore, this theory asserts that the consumer society holds a greater position in the community and the position must always be safeguarded. In line with this theory, the pop culture is of more interest in the popular culture topic because of the emphasis on the protection of individuals. The interest emanates from the observation that individuals, in society, must be respected according to the different demands of society. The failure to respect the needs of individuals could lead to the development of different movements, which would ultimately gain recognition within society. There should be appropriate channels to ensure that the rights of individuals within the society are upheld. The theory enhances the interest in the popular culture topic by ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected accordingly within society.

Several American values such as faith, freedom, equality, and entertainment and happiness help to explain the existence of the pop culture artifact. Faith is a significant value among Americans that emphasizes on the spirit of belief in the American society. With faith, Americans cannot give up the fight for different, desirable cultural aspects. Freedom is a value that developed from different movements such as the consumer society. The value explains the existence of the pop culture artifacts by indicating that Americans have to act according to their own beliefs as long as they are on the correct path. No one should limit their rights and freedoms in society. The value of equality is another illustration of the existence of the pop culture artifacts. This is depicted by the provisions of the pop culture that individuals within society have the right to equal treatment and opportunities within society. The value of entertainment and happiness is also an explanation of the existence of the pop culture. Americans have always preserved the value of entertaining themselves and ensuring that they appropriately eliminate any stresses due to different tasks. This is could be drawn from their spirited flash dance.

Research indicates that several cultural messages about competition, individualism, hard work, and success helped make the film a hit. The most significant cultural message about competition, which made the film a hit, was that open competition in the community is healthy. Both male and female gender must be given the opportunity to compete fairly for the available opportunities, as this will help strengthen the culture of the people. More so, the film was a hit because of its cultural message about individualism. The message asserted that individualism is enhanced by the belief in the different cultural aspects. Individualism should be used to enhance the society and ensure that the society is transformed appropriately. On matters regarding hard work, the film became a hit because of its message that communities are only able to grow in case they uphold the spirit of hard work. Hard work should be effectively adopted by all individuals with the belief that there would be a high level of success. Individuals should pool their efforts without allowing gender disparities to divide them. The message about success is that it enhances confidence and pride in society (Wilcox 87). All individuals must admire success and ensure that they move towards success as this will boost their recognition and confidence in society.

The pop cultural phenomenon has created some level of controversy all over the globe. Different individuals have held different opinions about the artifacts of the pop culture. For instance, Marylin Manson in her poem doubts the junk foods with the assertion that the worms will kill every host, and it is hard to pick which one they will eat most. This shows her immense argument against the artifacts, which justify the pop culture. Rev Jerry Falwell also indicates a high level of controversy through his assertions. He asserts, when one destroys 40 million babies, he would certainly annoy God. This is in reference to junk foods, which have been commonly known for their undesirable effects on individuals. According to Rev. Falwell, video games could also be used to affect children negatively and should not be encouraged as they are promoted now. Their consumption should be minimized and not as asserted by the pop culture. The comments about the bum fights and Teletubbies are an indication of increased controversy over the artifacts of pop culture. Rev. Falwell commented that such things are the ones that increase the level of moral destruction in society.


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