Free «Generating Sales» Essay Sample

Compare the difference between precisely wrong and vaguely right advertising objectives. Give an example of each.

According to Marcom, generating sales is necessary since this will enable one to see the effects of imprecisely and vaguely on sales. The objective of communicating for instance, advertising so as to increase the awareness of a certain brand is said to be precisely wrong. On the other hand, sales measures are considered vaguely right. With the terms right, and wrong, the right objective is the sales objective and that any other objective is considered to be wrong. Vague and precise, on the other hand, are terms determines program’s ability to accomplish an objective. When influencing the level of sale of a brand through advertising in order to make the consumer aware of the brand, is precisely wrong as opposed to vaguely right whereby how sales measure create awareness to the consumers. Many agencies deceive themselves when using advertisement to increase awareness to the consumer so that a certain brand would be bought more; but; instead they should increase the market and sales share in order to accomplish this objective of high awareness to the consumers.


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