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Clement Clarke Moore’s George Castriot, Surnamed Scanderbeg, King of Albania is an autobiography that explores the life of a General in the medieval period. On the onset, the writer of the autobiography spells out numerous issues that affirm his quest to render a piece that portrays him as a witty character or soldier. Moore is focused in his endeavor as a soldier or a General and through this piece he is also portrayed as a successful person who is truthful. After a thorough reading of this autobiography, it becomes apparent that Scanderbeg is a prosperous and excellent officer in the medieval period. It further creates the impression of both modern and ancient period when the Scanderbeg is in charge of a small defensive army. The wit the author uses in defending his deliberation when composing this wonderful masterpiece is attributed to the knowledge and determination, which the author has shown in his previous publications.

Moore affirms that according to General Wolfe, “Scanderbeg excels all the officers (general), ancient and modern, in the conduct of a miniature defensive force” (Moore, 1850). The autobiography is detailed with praises for Scanderbeg who achieves a lot in his career as a General of the small defensive army. Another instance, when he receives praises to acknowledge his determination as the officer is when Fallmerayer says, “George Castriot, as everyone understands, passes for one of the most renowned and accomplished, most successful and amongst the gifted masters (general) of all times in the art of war” (Moore, 1850). This statement clearly tells that Scanderbeg is renowned for his accomplishments in the art of war. Nonetheless, it is important to note the book has numerous instances that the author fails to authenticate his claims. Every book yet must always have its challenges and Moore’s piece in no exception. Scanderbeg is also portrayed to undergo through numerous challenges in life. One instance becomes apparent while reading the book; Amurath and Scanderbeg face numerous challenges, which push them to conceal their evil practices in the guise of special offer and promise.

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The book is indeed outstanding since it offers the reader with the other picture of Scanderbeg. The General is viewed as a trained person with enormous guerrilla tactics in the defensive forces. He is one of the soldiers who could easily adjust to any situation, notwithstanding his social challenges. Moreover, the author uses the autobiography to portray Scanderbeg as a person who is able of achieving anything regardless of the situation. This is because the writer highlights that the tactics he was using were only used by his senior who were well ahead of his time. This clearly tells how his ability can be employed currently to outdo his opponents. The author affirms that Scanderbeg had the ability to outmaneuver his opponent and defeat vastly superior forces in the long run; and these guerrilla tactics are likely to become helpful in military theorists presently in forces.

Most importantly, this biographical representation by Moore clearly tells how a present life of an individual can impact on his future life. However, it is apparent too that the author borrows some leaf from his previous writings that focused on the medieval period. It is worth disputing that many of the dates he puts in his biography are questionable (Moore, 1850). This calls for a researcher to explore other avenues to ascertain the facts about what the author implies.

Scanderbeg is presented as the legendary in the 15th century warrior and leader and also viewed as the Albanian national hero. He manages to defend his “small army successfully off several major Ottoman crusades against his homeland for roughly 25 years. Scanderbeg efforts and tactics are viewed as being one of the main reasons behind the stability of Western Europe’s resistance under Ottoman occupation” (Moore, 1850). In line with the efforts of Scanderbeg saw the publication of numerous novels, poems, dramas and other literary works by famous authors.

In conclusion, the story telling ability of Moore is clearly noticeable when one thoroughly reads through the book. The other aspect that is apparent in the story is that Moore makes it more enjoyable and informative through various characters and particularly, Scanderbeg who forms the basis of Moore’s book. This is a masterpiece that can help readers to write their own. Undoubtedly, Moore’s book remains the best English language biography written in respect of the Albanian state conqueror.


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