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Globalization can be seen as a revolution occasioned by technological advances that have allowed movement of goods, services and factors of production all across the globe. At the nations’ level, it is evidenced with an increase in goods and services moving across borders of countries. The management of business today focuses on this crucial advancement as it has become mandatory for businesses to align themselves to this tide for surviving as well as making profits.

In the management of human resources, firms are confronted with varying aspects of communities in various countries, to which firms move their operations. Such aspects include varying culture, beliefs, laws and government policies, among others. It is of key significance to deal with such issues during formulation of organizations’ culture and philosophy (due to the interconnected nature of human beings), in order to ensure high productivity. The core competencies of human resources such as personal drive, organizational understandings among others are affected directly by the people’s individual values. The values and beliefs of people have a significant potential to affect the key competencies of human resources and their productivity. Since these human and cultural aspects vary according to regions, it is, therefore, crucial to appreciate and integrate issues of globalization into the mainstream of the human resource management.

The definition given to elements of globalization varies depending on the purpose. According to the journal compiled by business and economic research advisor in the summer of 2004 in the US, the most important element of globalization was the trade agreements, as well as their impacts. Second on this list was the movement of capital between borders of many states and free flow of information. This was followed by flow of technology and diffusion of political, cultural and economic conditions. Working from this point of view, these factors have enormous potential to influence human resource productivity.

Similarly, according to Blanchard, elements of globalization revolve around the economy and the politics of the people. According to his work compiled in the year 2012, the tripod on which globalization stands on is political development, economic development and organization or workplace environment. Although globalization is sensed by individuals, it is felt to a bigger extent by multinational organizations, and hence is crucial at various levels of management practices (Mele, 2011).

Human beings have a significant impact onto the whole production process; therefore, it becomes crucial to evaluate factors that have power to alter their productivity. Research has found that elements of globalization have a vast potential to affect the productivity of human beings as a factor of production. In production, human beings provide an indispensable factor called labor. Needless to say, even the entrepreneurship and management as factors of production are provided by human beings. Hence, there have been many efforts to optimize the productivity of humans, especially as a source of labor. This can be seen as the reason behind the development of human resource management as a field of control and profession.

This has led to the development of what has been referred to as competences of human resource specialist which have been developed through observation, evaluation and experimentation. This is done to establish behaviors associated with maximum productivity. Additionally, these attributes assist people both in professional as well as standard output across the board.

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However, it is very misleading to study one aspect of human life as being independent of other factors. The human resource managers try to evaluate the effect of various factors and the individual impact of each factor with an attempt to utilize their effects.

Various competencies of a global human resource professionals and the effect that globalization have had on them will be discussed in this paper. In this discussion, reference will be made to scholarly materials. Human resources are of great importance due to the strategic role played by these competences on survival and growth of the firms.

The most crucial competence of the global human resources professional is personal drive (sometimes described as efficiency). The most recent management theories, such as management theory z, emphasize on the role of a self-drive. It encourages each person in a workforce to be a source of creative ideas. This has mostly been developed through globalization as it is a combination of traditional American and traditional Japanese modes of management. The massive flows of information between these countries lead to the development and refinement of this system, toward the end of the twentieth century. This mode of management has been mostly used and accepted by Americans as they prefer laissez faire mode of leadership. Through globalization, almost all other countries of the world are adopting this new model as it spreads. It is erasing a general belief in many parts of the world that encouraged managers to coerce their employees to perform (Scarpello, 2008).

People management is very crucial in today’s firms. Leadership is an important aspect of people management and is also very crucial for firms’ development. People management enables production to take place harmoniously. It involves human resource managers organizing workers into teams in which every employee has a role to play. In addition, every one of them has to be informed of the crucial role they have to play for the overall success. However, contrary to classical understanding of leadership, today’s leadership involves offering of direction. Leaders, in the olden days, dictated to their subordinates and did not care whether their ideas were practical or not. However, human resource managers have shifted from this misleading ideology. Information has become availed to everybody, due to globalization. This has happened to a point of having information avalanche, whereby everybody has excessive access to information. Therefore, managers are encouraged to come up with the best ideas or promote the best ones generated by their employees.

The third core element of human resource specialist is business understanding. Before the development of human resource and management, this was the most crucial aspect of business management. The human resources managers have to understand and implement corporate point of view. Theyhave to understand that the business exist to make products and sell them, in order to make profit. Additionally, they also need to understand some virtues such as accountability and personal discipline, which will reduce instances of corruption, theft and wastage of firms’ resources. This has been the leading course of collapse of business in the twenty-first century. Globalization has assisted this virtue in many communities that did not understand this culture. Such communities, for example, in Africa ran their businesses through kinship relationships, which lead to collapse of many firms and economic retardation of some states (Truss, 2012).

The core element of human resource specialists that is ranked in the fourth position is the ethical behavior. This refers to treatment of people and issues in a manner that is acceptable to a given group of people. This can also be termed as professional behavior, and it involves possession of skills and practical capacity, the right ideas and attitudes that can enable one to achieve organization’s goals. This is a value that is mostly acquired through training and mentorship. It is recognized that globalization is credited with pooling together the best techniques from all over the world and equipping one person with all of them. This is contrary to olden days, in which one got information and education from their communities only. This helps a person to train and acquire information that is likely to be found useful for the target population. Human resources managers have found this information truly useful.

The sixth of the core values of the human resources specialists emphasizes on adding value to the products. It concentrates and aims at achieving higher results, continuous growth of output and the capacity to produce. This is crucial and also demands results that are legally and socially acceptable. Through the technology and information transfer, human resource managers are encouraged to engage their staff in activities that add value to them; for instance, it is common to see the human resource managers utilizing the leisure time for their employees to develop and build on their teamwork and interpersonal skills. The other good example involves training of employees during their leisure or even during their regular time. The process of identifying the employee who seeks the most efficient methods to solve problems is also means to reward their diligence.

To conclude, since the business operates within laws of a country and the social political and religious environment, the two cases stated earlier indicate that these factors affect management of human resources. For instance, the international labor laws have been spread and adopted through globalization. The human resource managers have to treat the employees in a manner that is congruent with these laws and the laws of host nations. Additionally, the human resource managers have to govern and manage their employees’ according to the cultural beliefs and the religion of the host community. This is because globalization has taken firms’ operations to various regions across the globe. Finally, the international trade treaties and agreements have also been occasioned or promoted through globalization. Firms and especially the human resource managers are required to manage and run all the affairs of the employees in tandem with the international trade agreements that exist between the states concerned.


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