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Granularity of information refers to that level of detail that the information is perceived to have. This means that the information is specific and covers most of the details that would be considered minor at other levels of the organization structure. All organizations have effective structures that ensure that there are efficient channels and procedures of passing pieces of information from one individual to another. This promotes order and understanding hence ensuring that all activities run as smoothly as possible. It must be noted that the information emanating from employees at the lower level of the organization is immensely granulated. This information contains all the significant and minor details affecting these employees at the lowest level of the organization structure (Bargiela, 2009).

According to Shi, Vadera, Aamodt, & Leake (2010), they pass these detailed pieces of information to the middle level individuals in the organization as they hope for an immediate reaction to their problems. The middle level individuals in the organization combine some of the details presented by the lowest employees in the organization structure hence eliminating most of the specifications contained in the initial information. The middle-level employees combine related details and could even omit those that they consider minor for the development of the entire organization. Furthermore, the middle-level employees within the organization pass the information to the highest individuals in the organizational structure. Most of those individuals at the highest levels in the organization structure are busy as they have numerous transactions to deal with. Therefore, they reduce the granularity of the information that is presented to them by the middle-level employees (Wen, Li, & Polkowski, 2009). This is because they prefer combining related details for effective address of the matters affecting employees within the organization. Therefore, it must be noted that the granularity of any information within the organization will always reduce as one moves from the lower levels of the organization structure to the highest levels of the organization structure.


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