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Habitat for humanity is an international organization that is Christian based, non profit making, with no connections to any government, and is devoted to the provision of simple, good and affordable housing to people all over the world. It is an organization that was established many years ago in order to provide or enable people who had problems with affording housing systems and any other trouble in getting a place to live, get a humble, decent and secured shelter at an expense that he can afford. One thing with the habitat for humanity is its non profit making nature. this shows that it is an organization that is driven by devotion towards meeting the needs of the houseless and providing other necessary facilities that will make up a good living.

The habitat for humanity normally engages in a number of activities in order to get the houses that they are suppose to give to the people in need. These activities are things like involving in volunteer labor to building houses which are finally sold to the needy at no profit to them. This relates to the fact that the price of the house will be cheap hence affordable to whoever buys it. However, the habitat for humanity charges a little fee for its own protection against the cases of inflation in the world economy (Haun. et, al. 2002).

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As concerns the habitat and the reign of god, the organization actually was established under a vision or rather with an objective to provide good and better life to people who could not afford to buy or own a decent house. It was figured at giving hope to the people who were living in troubles and sufferings of various kinds with different reasons (Schaub, 2004). The staff members and the officials of the organization serve to promote and provide aid to the activities of the local people, boost the efforts of the independent habitat groups as it initiates, manages and foresees the construction of the houses and also mortgages and homeowner selections all over the world.

As concerns the book of Mathew in the bible, there are many ways that the habitat for humanity expresses the vision of the reign of God. The book of Mathew mainly talks of the coming back of the son of man as prophesied by a number of prophets as written in the book. The habitat for humanity has the motive of giving people a hope of living in a decent house as many would long to. It does this by providing an opportunity for people to get good living houses (Suen, 2002). This is likened to the coming of the son of man and the expression of love and help for one another at different times and when people are lacking one or two of the basic necessities in life.

The son of man will come and take reign all over the world. The book of Mathew talks of the fact that the son of man will separate the sheep and the goats, one on the left and the other on the right hand side. He will then take one of the groups to a heavenly inheritance that is to live for eternity. This is the group that did a great deal in providing for the needy in the society and the world at large. This is exactly what the habitat for humanity practices. Those who provided food to the hungry, water to the thirsty and even shelter to the strangers. We can therefore say that the habitat for humanity clearly expresses what the son of man will come and do when he comes to the world (Suen, 2002).

The habitat for humanity is involved in the identification of people who are in need especially as concerns shelter, and is able to react to this by providing a number of facilities that will help these people. Volunteering is one of the aspects that humanity for humanity expresses in its daily practices. This is the individual’s free will to offer one self to the assistance of the other. Providing food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothing to the naked and even shelter to those without shelter is an activity that thrives from ones inner self. It is not coercive or is it conditional. This is what the son of man wants in the daily lives of the people as he will offer eternal life to people who did such a good job. The reign of the son of man is also expressed in the habitat for humanity’s needlessness to make a profit in its undertakings.

In conclusion, Habitat for humanity is a Christian based organization. This expresses the fact that it adheres to the principles of the bible in its activities. It aims at creating a little help to people who are presumed to be in need. As indicated in the book of Mathew, the son of man speaks of an idea that whatever little the people did to one of the least of his brothers, then he was doing to him (Schaub, 2004). This shows that habitat for humanity was already involving itself in activities that the son of man would like to be done either with his absence or presence. There is therefore the expression of the vision of the reign of the son of man in the organization of habitat for eternity.


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