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Disneyland is an amusement park whose location is at Anaheim in California. The parks operation and ownership is by Disney Walt Resorts and Parks, a branch of the main Disney Walt Company. The park was built and designed under the careful supervision of Disney Walt and it was officially opened on 18th July, 1955. The idea of creating the park cropped up after visits to a variety of theme parks by Walt and his daughters between 1930 and 1940. The initial envision by Walt was the construction of an attraction center for tourists next to his Burbank based studios. The center’s main purpose would be the entertainment of the fans wishing to visit. However, Walt came to the realization that the site proposed was inadequate. Consequently, Walt hired the services of a property development consultant who aided in the appropriate determination of a suitable site for the project. This led to Walt acquiring a 160-acre piece of land in 1953 prompting the start of construction in 1954.

On the other hand, the design up to the completion of Disneyland relates to the history of California in that, just as barriers surrounding the latter characterized it leading almost to its isolation, the challenges encountered in the construction of the former weigh squarely. Actually, the design of Disneyland is an exact replica of California State ranging from the Pacific Ocean to its west, Sonora and Mojave deserts in the southeast, Redwood fir forests to its northwest and the mountains of Sierre Nevada in the eastern side. The Indian tribes of California which were nearly isolated developed different cultures than other American Indian cultures. For instance, the Indians from California practiced no farming and thus, they were basically gatherers and hunters. Moreover, they had no advanced cities, crops, organized civilizations or accumulated wealth.

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With the above history in mind, it’s clear that a relationship thus, exists between the structure of Disneyland and the history of California. Therefore, it is evident why the Disneyland project location was given the top most priority. In addition, it is also clear that the property had to be located in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. Furthermore, the Research Institute of Stanford hired as a consultant had to conduct a feasibility survey on the acquired land. Thus, for Walt to be able to realize his dream of Disneyland, he needed all this space to build waterfalls, mountains and rivers; still he would have huge teacups and flying elephants; and many more inside his envisioned magic kingdom. Just as California Indians were poor, Walt also visualized a Disneyland that was affordable as well as accessible with ease by freeway. The purchase of the 65 ha orange groove near the junction between the freeway of Santa Ana the Boulevard of Harbor marked the end of the search for the best location. Surprisingly, the ideal location for the Disneyland project was in California. Financiers refused to give assistance to Walt for the construction of Disneyland because as Walt remarked, Disneyland was only an expensive dream that offered very little collateral.

Consequently, this forced Walt to shift his attention to Television so as to generate the much needed financial support. Thus, Walt started the Disneyland television series which shed light on his much anticipated future project. Through the television strategy, the reality of the Disneyland idea was brought into existence not only for the Walt but also for the people of America. To make room for the massive construction of the park, all the citrus trees in the entire land were cleared as well as the moving of 15 houses.

In the next place, Disneyland relates to the history of California in accordance with the various periodic divisions of its history. These periods comprise the period of exploration by Europeans, the period of the Native American, the period of colonial Spanish, period of the Mexicans, and the statehood of the United States which exists to date. Similarly, the development and growth of Disneyland has also taken a close approach to that of the California history. Thus, in the same breadth, Walt visualized a tropical exotic place in a secluded part of the world which he called adventure land.

Therefore, Walt remarked that for them to make the dream of creating Disneyland a reality, they had to picture themselves far away from civilization, probably in some remote African and Asian jungles. In addition, Walt and his team made frontier land so as to relive the American frontier pioneer days. Walt remarked that they all had a reason of being proud because of the history of their country shaped by the unrelenting spirit of their forefathers. He further said that the adventures at Disneyland were purposely designed to elicit the feelings of them having lived even if not for long during their country’s most crucial moments.

Moreover, fantasyland got created with the sole goal of making their dreams a reality to reckon with. This land was to feature a giant beautiful sleeping castle as well as a fantasy village. Furthermore, Walt created tomorrow land so as to reflect the future marvels. Walt remarked that the scientists of the day would be opening space age doors to achievements aimed at benefiting their children and many more generations to come. Therefore, tomorrow land was to act as a present blueprint for the future. Thus, in a nutshell, it is evident from the above exposition that Disneyland is related to the history of California in a number of ways.


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