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Hunting has a long history and has always been associated with men. Hunting can be defined as the practice of pursuing any living being by humans for many purposes, but mainly for food. Hunting can also be a recreational activity or can present a sort of a trade. Hunting is done not only by human beings but also by animals. In this case, it is called predation. Hunting can be a very fascinating activity, provided that men who are involved in it follow some key procedures.

There are some tips on how to be successful in hunting, which will be discussed in this essay. For example, when hunting, a hunter should be as quiet as possible so that he/she would not scare away any hunted animals. Another tip is that the hunter should always have a firearm or a knife. That is necessary to protect the hunter from other wild animals or predators that may be present in the area.

In the past, hunters could get lost while being out in a field or a forest. Therefore, the hunters should make sure that they know the area well. A hunter may also choose to inform other people that he/she is going hunting so that someone would look for him/her if the necessity occurs. A person going hunting should always make sure he/she has a phone with him/her and that it is fully charged in case he/she has to connect with someone quickly in case of emergency. Besides, the hunter should use a scent cover so that animals would not detect the human’s scent and become alert. If these basic principles are taken into consideration, hunting will be successful. However, to gain additional knowledge about hunting, special classes should be taken.

It is important to posses certain weapons and other specific items to enjoy a good hunt. Bow and arrows were used in the past to ensure good hunting. They may be not aseffective nowadays. Other items may include such things as knifes, rifles, appropriate clothing, and the right footwear for the respective terrain. The hunter should have some food and also a first aid kit in case of injury.

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When hunting, one should always use right techniques. They relate to such activities as locating, targeting, and killing an animal. However, useful hunting techniques depend on a number of factors such as types of hunted animals, their behavior, and the environment. Therefore, specific hunting skills and techniques are important for a specific location in order to locate, target, and kill a particular animal. For example, when hunting a rabbit, one needs to follow it in a car because the rabbit runs very fast. On the other hand, when hunting birds, the hunter should be very quiet and careful (The Game Rancher).

There are some commonly used methods such as walking and stalking. These methods are best suited for hunting in bushes and forest regions, although they can be challenging in plains and fields. Stalking is usually done by walking stealthily towards the targeted animal. Walking and stalking are much better than searching for animals while driving a car. That may be quite an issue when, for example, hunting birds. It is difficult to concentrate both on driving and hunting, and the hunter can get into a car accident, which may result in serious injuries.

There is another modern method of hunting such as glassing. It is usually done with the help of optical equipment, mainly binoculars, which are used to locate animals that are out of sight. Optical equipment can be used in the area where the hunter can conceal himself. Once an animal is spotted with the help of this method, it can be stalked and killed.

Another way of hunting animals is “battue”. This technique is used in the areas where thick bushes and trees make an obstruction to seeing animals. Battue is the method of beating bushes and trees in order to scare animals or birds and cause them leave their hide-outs. And one more method which is helpful in hunting is the use of decoys, lures or food to attract animals.

The hunting process may include other animals. Thus, dogs are used when tracking is required. The hunter uses this method to catch an animal by tracking its spoor. This technique requires a lot of experience and knowledge. It is mostly used for hunting elephants and buffalos in South Africa (The Game Rancher).

There are other helpful techniques used for successful hunting such as trapping, camouflaging, spotlighting, and ambushing. Trapping is done by using pitfalls for catching and killing animals. Camouflaging involves the hunter concealing himself with clothing or a scent to blend in with the environment. Spotlighting is the use of artificial light in order to blind animals and catch them. And, lastly, ambushing is the method when the hunter stays in a hide-out and waits for his prey.

Hunting can be very dangerous so precautions should be taken. The hunter should always be aware of the possibility of another wild animal being present in the area. The hunter should also make sure he knows the terrain well just in case he gets into a difficult situation. He should always wear clothing and footwear appropriate for that particular climate and terrain type. Hunting is often done by several people. So, when the hunter locates a spot for himself, he should make sure he knows the whereabouts of other hunters.

When dealing with firearms, the hunter should be especially careful. He should never point his gun at anyone or anything unless he wants to shoot an animal. Besides, caution should be taken so as to ensure that the finger is not put on the trigger unless the hunter is prepared to make a shot.

Those are some helpful tips that would make hunting an enjoyable experience. If a person follows them, he will have a successful hunt. If he fails to observe them, he may run into a big trouble or even endanger his or someone else's life.


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