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Many students fail in schools not because they are not smart enough, but because they were unable to prepare for exams properly. Human beings have different kinds of memory with distinct levels of understanding. Therefore, it is vital for students to recognize their levels of understanding and adopt the appropriate studying method. Some students understand material well when the teacher is conducting a lesson, while others have to go through their notes to understand comprehensively. The fear of unknown and exam phobia are some of the possible causes of exam failure. Sometimes, no matter how well the students revise the information, they end up getting bad grades. Students should be taught how to maximize their studies, prepare for exams and be able to take their exams effectively.

To maximize the understanding of class lectures and assignments, students should understand themselves first. Herdsman can only manage to take his cattle to a stream, but he can’t force them to drink water. Students should identify their preferred learning style (Krishnamurthi, 2009). This would allow them to maximize on their strengths in order to overcome their weaknesses. They should also learn through the cycle while trying to fill the gaps when the teacher fails to teach through them. Developing the attitude to learn is vital. Time management skills and good study habits are critical. It is wise to be curious about everything learned. Students should make use of numerous resources available in the school library. In addition, they should understand what the teacher expects from them and convey it to the teacher.

Exams are terrifying and stressful to study for, especially when it is clear that they will seriously impact your future. However, being able to prepare for them is the key to good results and success. If a student is a kinesthetic learner, he/she should rewrite the notes. This enables them to think about what they are writing, its details and the reason for writing it. Their memories are refreshed effectively. Finding the right hours of study is another option (Radwan, 2012). It is unwise for a person to study when he/she is too tired. Studying for two hours per day is important as opposed to cramming. Adopt different studying techniques for different subjects. Students should understand their psychology concerning the studying environment. Some study well when there is music loudly playing, while others need total silence for better concentration. Whichever is the case, it is advisable to avoid distractions during studying.

Students should be relaxed in order to be ready for their exams. They should check whether they have all the materials required for the exam. Such materials include pencils, pens, calculators, etc. depending on the subject of the exam. It is always wise to carry spares, that way you could always have what you need or share with someone who does not. Students should come on time for exams; problems like traffic jam and hold-ups might come up (Arizona Board of Regents, 2007). Coming in time or even earlier would allow students to get into the exam room calmly rather than hurry. The baseline of passing the exams is careful reading and understanding the instructions. It is important to take time when reading instruction in order to get the correct direction of handling the questions. Questions should be handled one at a time to allow the mind to adjust successfully. It is also very important to sleep well before the exam to be able to concentrate.

Conclusively, I have learned how to study for exams effectively. I have had a problem with time management, attitude and understanding my learning style. Moreover, I did not understand their importance. I have also learned how to conduct myself during the exam. Preparing myself emotionally before entering the exam room has always been my biggest problem. I used to read the instructions hurriedly and with little concentration. Perhaps, this has contributed to my negative scores in the past. This course has equipped me properly for future study sessions and exams. 


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