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Human resource management is a part of organizational management system which ensures that a firm or an organization operates within the set goals through providing a clear direction for all workers and other stakeholders of the organization. Organizations can only achieve their set targets or objectives, if they have high-quality functional units such as proper human resource planning, equity in compensating all organizational workers or employees, hiring employees with excellent skills and academic qualifications, having well healthy and safety management system, employees training programs and other motivation factors and finally ensuring that organization has a well-structured communication system for proper feedback within and outside the organization. The organization will experience high performance when the above functions are properly executed from planning stage to rewarding stage, but if one of the given functions is not accurately carried out, the overall performance will be ineffective.

            Human resource management is a department or unit of the organization which main focus is to provide a clear direction on how employees should be organized, managed and controlled to ensure that they are within the organization set plan. It also focuses on when and where workers are required to carry out their responsibility as individuals or as a team through proper coordination from the senior employer up to the lower levelled worker. Human resource management provides procedure and regulations which workers within the organization should follow to improve their performance regarding to the type of work they perform. This procedure includes training stages, promotion packages and other benefits which will act as motivational factors, leading to high performance within the organization.

            Human resource management is a body empowered to ensure that all workers in the organization are equally treated with other workers irrespective their working field. This will help them to have a proper communication from the junior officer to the senior one, creating a working environment where working structure is well defined and employees follow official chain of communication to execute their daily activates. Human resource management is a functional department whose core duty is employing or hiring organizational staff members; this is the process of attracting workers with brilliant skills and qualifications, keeping them in their respective areas of operations and ensuring that their performance is excellent.

            Human resource department is also responsible for coming up with day to day goals by organizing work in different departments or fields which they have specialized at, ensuring that they provide their best in terms of performance. This department also provides work rotation schedules so that employees cannot stick in the same job for a long period, since it becomes boring and their work efficiency goes down. Employees’ job appraisal is another function of human resource management. Job appraisal involves workers being assessed on their team and individual performance to find out whether his performance improves the organization set target, or it is in a decreasing trend. Performance appraisal enables human resource department to put forward measures to ensure that workers are properly trained to improve their performance. Those workers who are identified with brilliant performance are promoted to higher linking job to motivate them to work even harder. The main functions of human resource department or management are the following:

  1. EEO and affirmative actions.
  2. Human resource development.
  3. Compensation and benefits.
  4. Safety and health.
  5. Employee and labour relations.

There will be explained the importance of each function and how they relate to each other in the organization to ensure proper management of workers. We shall also look at the degree of importance of each particular function.

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Actions

The main or the sole function of affirmative action in HRM is to make sure that there is equitable work opportunity where by all contractors are required to acquire an affirmative action to prevent discriminative incidents in any form of employment practices and report to relative authorities if that practices are identified in the organization. Affirmative actions should be analysed and implemented to make sure that equitable opportunities are given to minority workers or employees within the organization such as people with the disabilities, women and the other workers.

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The organization management body such as top managers, middle managers and those at the bottom line management level should take the responsibility to assist the organization to fulfil thr equitable employment opportunities. It is only achieved by ensuring prober affirmative action objective given the first priory in any working environment, which is free from any forms of discriminations and workers or employees harassment. The main purpose of any human resource management is to employ workers who are high qualified with enough experience, but not to discriminate people according to their gender and the disabilities status. Human resource management should ensure that measures are put in place to protect the minority and people with disabilities by taking tough actions against any worker or manager who may undermine this people because of their statues (Ulrich, 1996).

EEO is a popular terminology used or defined as an act of non-discrimination of work force in any organization in form of medical conditions, age, colour, mental ability, sex, nation, origin and religion. The core element here is that every worker or employee in the working force should have free access to any available opportunity. The main purpose of EEO is to ensure that equal treatment and fairness in organization is given the first priory and address the past discrimination incidents to workers and look for a solution to avoid them in future.

Importance of EEO/Affirmative actions. Employees should in all manners have access to available opportunity within the organization and enjoy similar benefits. Policies should cut across all the employees in the organization.

Human Resource Development

HRD is a procedure which helps workers in any given organization to cultivate individual or organizational skills, abilities and knowledge for better performance. HRD includes or provides the following: coaching, career development, identification of employee’s capability, succession planning, and tuition assistance among others. The main purpose of the above features of HRD is developing manageable organization staffs which are more efficient to convert their personal and individual skills so as to achieve organizational set goals.  HRD can either be formal or informal, depending on the type of training services offered. Formal HRD includes training in classes, especially in colleges and universities. Informal HRD can take place when managers take the responsibility of coaching their employees through seminars. This type of training enables workers to develop skills about certain jobs in any organization, hence increasing productivity in their respective areas of operational.

The objective of HRD is to ensure rapid performance improvement in efficient and effective utilization of organization resources such as time. HRD enables employees to develop positive attitudes toward their area of operation, become more motivated through training and rewards, increase knowledge and skills about a specific job. This feature enables the organization to set proper standards and policies to adopt the changing workforce requirements.

Importance of human resource development. HRD enables the organization to come up with proper policies to adopt changes in work force. It also enables employees to train and develop new skills and knowledge about their job for proper utilization of organization resources.

Compensation and Benefits

The human resource management plays a key role in determining the rate of compensation and other benefits related to employees. Compensation and benefits of workforce are determined and managed by the HR department to calculate the workers’ expenses by rewarding workers with brilliant performance so that to motivate them to increase productiveness. The main purpose is to provide standards, transparency and equitability according to the performance of employees. This function enables transparency and accountability in the HR department. This is by ensuring that workers get their benefits according to the service or performance achieved. Managers are able to establish transparent tools which assist the organization to build a complex culture on performance appraisal. The compensation and benefit set strategies and the payment methods by formulating policies on payment procedures. They determine the bonus level which every employee will be paid according to the extra effort used in improving the performance of the organization. The benefit and compensation department is responsible for providing transparent ensuring that compensation and payment review procedure is carried out in a manner that every structure of organization is reflected for fair payment of workers’ benefits.

Importance of compensation and benefits in HRM. Compensation and benefits ensure equal distribution of payment according to work done, take responsibility to set out strategies to review workers’ salaries and other benefits and calculate workers’ benefits, such as bonus, according to the extra effort provided.

Safety and Health

Safety and health matters enable the organization to have rapid or decline rate of performance, depending on the type of measure taken to reduce sickness within the organization or the level of health protection, given by the human resource management to ensure that workers have an appropriate environment to give their services without any problem. Human resource management as a department has a responsibility to provide safety measures in workplaces for their workers. This will be achieved only when the executive management creates a human resource department which will give training and establishment of partnership with insurance agents to provide health environment, where workers are informed about safety measures, so that they can improve their productivity, knowing their health matters is taken care of, and in case of any issues the organization addresses it quickly.

Importance of safety and health in HRM. Safety and health matters reduce the cost of treating workers in the organization .Health workers in any organization improve the performance level. Clear policies and regulations are spelt out, which enable workers to get compensated in case of accident.

Employees and Labour Relations

           Human resource management is the area which studies how employees work together creating conducive environment for working as a team. There must be a good relationship between the employer and employees so that a well-structured communication system is established from the junior employee to the senior employee. When workers in the organization are able to interchange their personal experience with other workers without being selfish; it will promote the image of the organization since workers are able to accomplish their task as a team. The importance of working together enables the organization to identify the strong work group pattern and encourage other member groups to work as a team to improve the productivity of the organization (DeGraff, 2010).

When we analyse the above case we find out that every function of human resource management is very important and essential. Affirmative action cannot work without the support of other functions. Looking at the case of human resource development, we understand that when workers in the organization are well trained and informed about the organization working system, they are able to adopt other human management functions such as affirmative action through respecting their workmates irrespective of gender and disability status. HRD also interconnects with compensation and benefits function, since when workers are well educated they are able to know how their benefits are calculated and understand the forms or policies used to award workers, numerations and other payment modules.

Safety and health also depend the above human resource management functions in the manner that educated workers are able to follow work rules and regulations so that to avoid unnecessary injuries in work place and adopt health policies, so that to ensure that workers are healthy while performing their daily duties. This function is only achieved when workers adopt the above underlined functions, which enable to reduce the cost of providing treatment for sick workers or employees. Healthy employees will always improve the outputs of any organization (Mayo & Elton, 1945).

Employees and labour relations is another important human resource management function which enables workers and their managers to work as a team due to a good relationship between each other. Employees and labour relation creates a working environment where workers freely express their feelings about their work and raise complains to relative management levels to ensure that toughing issues are well solved in transparent and accountable manner.

In conclusion it should be mentioned, that human resource management is the core of any organization, because it carries out sensitive tasks such as hiring, training and maintaining human resources in the organization. This department of the organization needs qualified management personnel to carry out this complex task to ensure that workers are well trained to increase the productivity of the organization. Finally, every organ of the organization is very important even if its functions have a small percentage in productivity comparing to other related organs.


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