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Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in the United States in the year 2005, caused widespread devastation to the state of New Orleans. The hurricane caused destruction of property, displaced thousands of people, caused 1836 deaths and devastated many livelihoods in New Orleans. The hurricane struck New Orleans at the beginning of the school year making many children in the state of New Orleans miss school for most of the year.

In the wake, of the storm, Michael Tisserad, a former editor of the Gambit weekly together with a couple of his neighbors evacuated their families to Louisiana. Michael and his neighbors did not wait for the rehabilitation and reopening of schools in New Orleans. Instead, Michael and, a couple of his neighbors persuaded one of teachers who taught their children in the school at New Orleans to start a school in the sugar cane fields of Louisiana (Tisserad, 2007).

 The sugarcane academy started as an improvised one roomed school in the sugarcane fields of south Louisiana. Children admitted at the school were excited about learning in the middle of sugarcane plantations that they named it ‘sugarcane academy’. The Children admitted at the sugarcane academy displayed enthusiasm about learning in improvised structures in the middle of a sugarcane plantation. The successful story of the founding of this sugarcane academy displays how children of all races coped with the disaster of hurricane Katrina (Tisserad, 2007).

Sugarcane academy had a lot of meaning to the students and teachers of New Orleans. It proved that good education can blossom even in the strangest of places. The academy also proved that children can adapt even in the worst of conditions. The academy also had meaning to teachers of the school because it proved that dedicated teachers can make the best out of a bad situation.

The Children of the sugarcane academy showed their resilience and courage in the face of hurricane. The Children of the academy showed that determination and faith can provide hope and direction in the wake of the disaster. The Children did not have any problem learning in a one roomed school that was the only public running school after the devastation caused by hurricane. The founding of the sugar cane academy is a testament of the heroes of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina who beat all the odds to start their lives on a good note.

 The motivation of the founders of the sugarcane academy was a determined spirit and the will of the New Orleans community to rise above the flood waters and plant seeds of hope in New Orleans. Teacher Paul Reynaud is a teacher who had a gift of understanding the needs of children and inspiring them to learn and succeed in the worst of situations.

The founding of the sugarcane academy is heart warming and inspiring story. It’s a story that proves that it is possible to rise above misfortunes and disaster to achieve dreams and goals. It is a story that portrays the resilience of the human spirit to overcome adversity .The story also portrays the way creativity and innovation in the face of a disaster can turn things from bad to good.

 The founding of the sugarcane academy has many lessons to offer for children, parents and teachers of the school. To the children of sugarcane academy, the academy offers the lesson that not even disaster can tear a determined community willing to stay together. To teachers and parents of the academy, it means a little determination on their part to offer education to their children even in the worst of situation can make a huge difference in their lives.

This wonderful story about the founding of the sugarcane academy shows that even in the wake of disaster, it is still possible to find moments of bliss. The story also serves as a good example of what schools in America should aim at: teaching students academic, practical and life skills that enable students to lead purposeful and meaningful life in their future. In many American schools, practical skills like innovation and creativity should be encouraged to make students learn ways they can make their contribution to their development and the development of their nation (Kohn, 2004).

The main purpose of schools is, therefore, preparing students for life. The world is changing rapidly and, there is a need to prepare students with the changes that come with a rapidly changing world (Kohn, 2004). The case of the founding of the sugarcane academy offers important life’s lessons to children like the importance of being flexible and adaptable to changes in life.

 Sugarcane academy also offers important life skills of creativity and innovation to children and the way they can help them overcome even the greatest of adversities. By providing life skills to children, sugarcane academy is just doing what the schools in America should be doing in America: preparing students to face the many challenges that life presents.


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