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Numerous factors mould a person’s character – a family, a circle of friends and work contacts, school, mass media and alike. However, it sometimes happens that an unexpected acquaintance or an occasionally seen episode may direct our lives into other mainstreams.

I also had the experience that has helped me reappraise the ideals and aspirations I had had before. It is in human nature to grumble, be unsatisfied with what they have, consider own problems the most serious and important and care for themselves above all. Unfortunately, to be able to change the attitude to life, people should look around and become the unnoticed observers of the destinies, souls, emotions and feelings of others.

Once I received an opportunity to become such an observer. I have made an acquaintance with very strong individuals, which helped me to reassess my life and change the outlook. I got to know a couple of people with severe ailments that caused them to change their habits dramatically and led to disabilities. Nevertheless, they did not lose the zest for life, did not stop loving the world that suddenly became totally strange. They had to learn familiar things all over again, acquire new skills, reorient in the professional sphere. These brave people pulled themselves together, plucked up courage and made the first step to the line from where there is no return. They certainly had difficult times; they probably had a desire to abandon everything, but they never did. Nobody heard them complaining. Moving ahead with small pauses to raise the energy and reach the aim became the style of their lives. Moreover, what enraptured me the most was belief in their dreams. What is more, they kept going and never ceased to aspire for the victory. These people are real winners – they conquered their diseases.

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They did not give up and their eyes light up. Due to their emotional strength, they preserved and widened the circle of contacts. They are rather interesting and attractive people. They managed to achieve professional and social success and realize their dreams. One of them lost a leg after a car accident but continues his dancing career, organizes shows and delights people with the talent. Another example is an elderly woman with artificial knee joints. Overcoming daily pain, she carries on charity work and helps an area in a poorly developed country. She flies several times a year to this country covering thousands of miles. Nothing can stop her or change her convictions.

These people are only two examples. I think of many others whose names may appear in this line. They are wonderful role models proving that the life goes on. They continue loving, helping and supporting others. They keep on creating and building up. These people encourage others with own histories. No matter how hard the situation may look at the first sight, there are inspiring personalities with strong will to live and win. Such stories touch hearts and sometimes even change other people, like in my case. Due to their example, I have understood that the minor difficulties I face are not worth the emotions and anxiety I used to feel when trying to overcome them. Now I understand that people are strong enough to fight anything if they keep faith and love in their hearts. I have begun to put more value on life as it is – it is a priceless gift, and we do not have the right to riot it. My attitude to the health has changed for the better. I have become stronger and more resolute when I make up my mind; I often consider for a moment what these people would do in my place, how my decision may influence me, my relatives, and others. Cardinally different priorities guide me now. I try to be more attentive, helpful and thoughtful of people around me. I am thankful to the destiny for an opportunity to reevaluate what I have got and become more appreciative. Now I know that some things are not worth my attention while there are others that are the most precious, such as family, friends, and helping others. Instead of pitying oneself when the difficult times come, people should seek communication and remain optimistic since only with such emotions they can enjoy our lives and make the world a better place.


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