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Most literature that is loved and appreciated by people contains stories that revolve around other people. There is a tendency for novelists and writers to be inspired to write what they have encountered and experienced. When we talk about experiences, we are mainly focusing on what humans go through and try to relate it to their surrounding environment. At times, people go through experiences which they thing no one else has gone through. Only if they share such experiences with a third party who may as well pass it over to another person do they feel it as normal. It is only by sharing experiences that human beings appreciate and accept the value of life. There is usually a confidence to face a new day knowing that what you will experience has happened to somebody else who may have succeeded or failed. It all depends on how they perceive at the same situation and the attitude they display through the seemingly tough period. Authors and writers are known for this, even though a good number find pleasure in writing about themselves, there are those who prefer to hear or find out what others are going through and writing on the same. The ‘other’ has found a significant place in literature, which not only removes the blame from the author but also signifies to the readers that even if it the situation happens to them, they should know that it already happened to somebody else.

The role of the ‘other’ in the narrative

The ‘other’ may also be referred to as the third person narration where the authors refer to the general issues of life when writing. Some authors could actually be writing about something that has happened to them or their close friends and relatives yet choose to maintain the safer side by not referring to them directly. Using a general reference term also prevents them from any issue that may arise from making quotations that may not necessarily be true. Many a times a narrator will have to add flavor to their literature by adding a little bit of fiction. For a literature to be interesting to the readers, then it has to be presented in a certain way. The origin of the story may not allow them to include certain aspects that are vital to make it interesting. The purpose of literature is to inform, entertain, and educate. Picking a story from somewhere or somebody and presenting directly to the readers may make it loose its purpose. The author thinks over a certain piece and comes up with different writing styles that will make it more acceptable and appreciated. It has to be written in a way that it will accommodate the needs of the targeted audience.

Authors who write their literature using the first person do so for the main reason and purpose of comparison. There is usually something unique about their stories that they want to bring across. This, they do after comparing to other situations that are happening around them and probably what the other people have encountered. The main character in the literature, who is the narrator, tries to inform the other people around them that they encountered the situation and overcome it. It is the story of the narrator probably from their initial stages of development to the latter. The experiences they went through and the people they encountered on the way. Their involvement around people is also to inform the readers about the people that helped them through and those that hindered them from probably achieving their goals. In some cases, the authors may put the blame on certain people consider them to be the main reasons that made them not to achieve their goals and targets. On the other hand, they may also highlight people that had a positive impact on their development. All this is mainly to encourage and caution readers about and against the people around them.

In certain occasions, the authors may want to directly hit on the readers by bringing out their characters in the novel. For instance, most fiction books touch on the areas of leadership, relationships, and the likes (Haslam & Neale, 78). They may present victims as individuals that have suffered because of exposure to certain kind of treatment. At times the individual expressing such kind of behavior may not realize how much it affects the third party and either persist on it or show less concern. However, as they read such literature they realize that they have been on the wrong and hence decide to change. The author accomplishes his or her purpose of shaping morals in the society by highlighting and exposing some of the evils. As they venture into such writing, they have a clear understanding of what their target is and the evil they probably want to condemn. They do it in a way that they will not mention their target audience directly but use a style that is sure to point at them.

The author may also direct the literature to the victims and highlight to them ways through which they can avoid or overcome some of the challenges that come their way. By taking us through a certain story involving an individuals, the narrator aims at bringing out some of the signs that people need to look out in people before they determine whether the people will be of benefit to them or not. They can act by taking measures that will either win their attention or escape from their traps. When addressing an issue that pertains to society morals, narrators have to act in diligence to ensure that they are not a source of discord but rather correct the mistakes in an intelligent way. Figure of speech is used many times to refer to a certain groups of people, for instance politicians. In such a case, the author may be writing as a representative of the citizens who may not have an avenue to present their issues. He or she will literally describe everything that goes on in the minds of the citizens and how they feel about their leaders. They do this with the hope that the book will reach the politicians or those aspiring to be in order to change their behavior.

There are certain writing techniques that are aimed at hitting at a particular time or culture. This may be displayed by the names used for the characters and the plot of the narration. Writers mostly use this to connect the environment, which could be their area of upbringing or a very different location from what they refer. However, when choosing a plot, narrators will always rhyme the names with the location. The story may however have nothing to do with the plot that has been mentioned or the names highlighted in the literature. It is a style of writing that maintains the safety of writers. Many times, writers have been charged for attacking a certain group of people and have to defend themselves (Proust & Moncrieff, 85). The nature of their writing is that which signifies that they are directly attacking certain individuals or group of people. This may be revealed on the roles of the characters in the writing, which may be considered inappropriate, and hence prompting them to seek legal address. They may demand that the author compensate them for any damage that that may have caused to them or stop any further publishing of the book.

Facing the justice system and answering to cases is the last thing that an author would wish to land into. Most of them are however under the pressure of highlighting some of such issues without having to be answerable to anything. It becomes a determining feature of the styles they use and the language they adapt. If they mean to directly write on a particular personality or group, they will do it in a way that they can defend themselves through. It can be quite disturbing for them to go through the entire procedures of having their materials published only to be surprised latter when their literature does not gain acceptability and instead have to pay for what they did. The intentions of writing a certain piece of literature mainly rests with the author and a third party may not be able to ascertain. Authors usually keep their intentions secret unless it is a topic that touches on the general issues of life. The secrecy of their writing and their intentions are hidden to protect them and the other people that may be affected. This is mostly the reasons why most writers that want to touch on serious issues will use styles such as fiction.


People’s lifestyles cannot be separated from each other; they are the people around that make life turn around. This is the reason why everything is based on the other persons. If business deals are entered in with consideration of other people, it is obvious that every literature will also be written with the other people in mind. Writers engage into their literature activities with the aim of passing out a certain message as well as displaying their writing skills. It will be in vain for any writer to simply write a book that will be kept at home without letting it into the market for other people to benefit from. Every writer has his or her own specific intentions that affect a third party. Many other similar literatures in the market, it will only depend on how they present their literature and how they intend them to benefit others. There is usually literature for different age groups as well as a particular group of people. A reader will gain interest in a book especially when they can connect what is written it to their environment.


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