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The Little General Store scenario involved the explosion of propane, which occurred during the attempt of transferring liquid propane from Ferrellgas Tank to Thompson Tank. This explosion led to the death of four people, injured six people, and destroyed property. Thompson Gas Propane Partners is the company that was taking over the delivery of propane to the Little General store. Close investigation of Little General Store scenario show that the Ferrellgas Tank had a faulty withdrawal valve, untrained technician was attempting to transfer propane under no supervision, and the tank was against the exterior back wall of Little General Store. This paper will consider the corrective actions that Thompson Gas Propane Partners should implement, as well as how the company should follow up implementation of the corrective actions.

It is the responsibility of Thompson Gas Propane Partners to initiate appropriate corrective actions and ensure that people follow them. Thompson Gas Propane Partners should require every propane service technician to undergo Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) training, install propane tanks that do not have any fault, and alert employees the public about the dangers of smoking while close to propane tanks (Schnepp, 2009). This company should put posters to warn the public. Thompson Gas Propane Partners should follow up on these corrective actions to assure complete and thorough implementation, which will prevent the accident from recurring. The company should check that technicians have CETP certificates and interview them before working on any task. Trained service men should keep checking the tank for any fault. Effective use of the corrective actions will prevent future accidents due to propane explosion (Salmon, 2011).

In conclusion, implementation and following up of the appropriate corrective actions is extremely necessary to prevent future accidents (Oakley, 2003). Thompson Gas Propane Partners will not cause future accidents in the Little General store by adhering to corrective actions seriously.


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