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The attainment of organizational goals is to some extent influenced by the ability of the leaders in the organization to manage conflicts. Conflict, if not checked in good time may lead to wastage of valuable human resource time although it may be vital in influencing innovation, sound decision making and strategic adaptation to the changing environment. In Heavy Spare Parts Supplying Company, various conflicts including resources competition, task interdependence and overlapping responsibilities may affect the organization in pursuant of its goals. Proper conflict resolution strategy will; enhance coordination the organization.

The availability of many departments in the organization may lead to conflict especially when it comes to resource allocation, with some departments getting more than others. In addition, allocation of resources to the various outlets or distribution channels may be a source of conflict for the organization since all the outlets depend on one particular supplier (head office branch). Ambiguity of responsibility especially between the general manager and the administration department may be a source of conflict since the both tend to have overlapping roles. In the event of good performance, general manager may seek credit for achievement, but when things go bad, the administration department may be accused of failing to perform yet most of the duties may have been conducted by the general manager. Another source of conflict may be task interdependence of individual outlets and the head office branch such that when the one fails, the other will also fail. For instance, when the head office fails to supply adequate stocks, the affected outlet definitely underperforms.

There are various techniques for conflict resolution, each being favorable depending on the type of conflict and the situation. In Heavy Spare Parts Supplying Company, bargaining and collaboration play key roles in resolving the conflicts. For instance, the resource competition, various outlets bargain for a level playing ground in terms of supplies to ensure each has adequate stock to distribute. Bargaining (compromise) works well when goals are mutually exclusive and the conflicting parties have equal power. In addition, with help of the head office branch, all the outlets collaborate to ensure a win-win situation for all. The essence of collaboration is to ensure that the best solution that benefits all parties is reached.

To ensure cohesion in operations, the organization will need to establish rules and guidelines especially in relation to the roles of each department to avoid further conflict of responsibilities. In addition, enhancing communication both among outlets themselves as well as with the head office will significantly help to deal with cases of resource allocation and asymmetrical supply. An early intervention helps to reestablish relationship. Reducing the interdependence of outlets and head office through creating a buffer supplier will be beneficial.


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