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Users who access the Ashford University Library via the use of the student portal are offered a variety of services. The library section of the website is designed to coordinate a variety of research resources across the university area, and this is provided to all registered students. The features offered by the library include a variety of resources that students can access as well as librarian information and instructional aids to help student navigate across the Online Library (Ashford University, 2012).

The Ashford Library offers the students digital access in academic research and the use of software on the site such as RefWorks is a great contribution to the success of the website. RefWorks allows the students to retrieve data and documented research through the well organized database system that keeps track of the system.

Other features of RefWorks found useful include:

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  • Importing references from multiple databases using import filters
  • Ability to format bibliographies and manuscripts across various resources
  • Organize and create personal user database to help individual keep track of personal works.

These features are highly useful when it comes to document research in a number of ways. Users are able to edit and confirm the reliability of their sources due to the various online databases used by the RefWorks.

Users are also able to store their data online enabling them to access information they have edited anywhere as long as they can connect to the Ashford Library System. This is highly useful when it comes to achieving my educational goals as the service does not limit me to a certain point of the institution. The online service enables me to work from anywhere. RefWorks also makes it easy for the user to search a variety of related online websites for data on various resources thus providing students with a variety of  scholarly sources to use.

WebNotes and Zotero

Zotero is a web based application that lets the users use a tool meant to gather, organize as well as analyze literature sources such as: citations, full texts, web pages, images and multiple data objects. The users are then allowed to share results such as including author, title and publication fields in formatted reference text due to the use of an end based software similar to EndNote.

WebNotes is another web based application that assists its users to highlight and add notes to web pages from directly within browsers. This is highly useful to users who need to publish content online based on their work.

 Zotero helps store literature citations such as author; names, titles, and publication files. It also offers sharing capability to users who wish to share various resource and texts. WebNotes features highlight tools and editing tools that are used to add content to web based content. Zotero is a free program that only requires registration and as such is less developed compared to WebNotes. This on the other hand is a downside to WebNotes as it is more expensive compared to Zotero.


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