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          There is a common saying, which says, ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus.’ Indeed, men are different from women. Men are different in many aspects. They think differently, they view things differently, and their wants are different. When a man focuses his mind on getting something, he does everything within his reach to make sure he attains his goal. In the contemporary world, men are depicting a common trend in terms of their wants. Nowadays, every man wants a car, a good house, and a well paying job.

           Men are known to love cars. They just do not love cars, but they love good cars. From a personal point of view, men’s love for cars is something, which has to do with their childhood. When children are young, their parents introduce them to different kind of toys. If the child is a boy, many parents buy those toys like cars, bicycles, airplanes, flying kits, boats, and balls for the child. However, toy cars make the greatest percentage of the toys that parents buy for their baby boys. In fact, many boys interact with their toy cars more than they interact with other toys. One can come across a young boy running on the road driving an imaginable car, and even ‘hooting’ at the pedestrians to give way to the ‘car.’ This early interaction with cars can be regarded as one of the major contributing factors to the men’s love for cars.

          In their teenage, boys no longer play with car toys, but their love for cars continues. You can find a teenage boy playing video games of cars, or virtually standing along the road or in the parking lot, just to watch cars. Some go to an extent of buying large pictures of cars and fixing them on their bedroom walls. One thing that is unique about all these interaction with cars is that, you will never find a young boy or a teenage boy in possession of a bad looking toy car or picture of a car. This depicts that they just do not like cars, but they like good-looking cars.    Many men learn how to drive cars during their teenage. By the time they mature, most of them have enough driving experience. They therefore start thinking of owing their own cars instead of driving their parents or friends’ cars. The dream of every man is to own a good-looking car. In their first jobs, most men save to buy cars. Actually, most men own their first car before they even own a house or a family. It is therefore clear that owning a nice car is one of the important needs of a man. Abraham Maslow classifies owning a car (among other luxuries) as a secondary want, which is satisfied after the basic wants have been fully satisfied. However, for a man, especially in the contemporary world, owning a car is one of the basic wants. This is because; the amount of effort men apply to own a car is almost the same with the amount of effort they apply to satisfy the basis wants.

            The ability to own a good-looking car is determined by the kind of a job a man has. A good job, in terms of compensation, increases a man’s ability to own a good-looking car. For this reason, having a good job is yet another thing that men want. Apart from being able to own a nice car, a good job also enables a man to gain recognition among his friends and the family members. For a man, a good job is one that earns him enough income to enable him meet all his expenses with ease. A man can have a good job either through employment or through self-employment. Regardless of the source of employment, all men make use of their abilities to ensure that they get good jobs. If a man focuses at getting a well paying white-color job, he makes as many job applications as possible different firms of which he is aware that they offer good jobs. Some go to an extent of dressing in their best, arranging appointments with employers, and diligently presenting their skills and competencies. They do not shy off from other people when they are looking for jobs. In fact, they do not stop making job applications even after they get their first employment. They continue making job applications until they get employment offers, which are good enough to enable them, meet their needs with ease.

            Once a man has a good job and a nice-looking car, the next item will be to have a good house. To a man, a good house is one that is spacious, can accommodate all his electronic gargets and other household equipments, one that is well built, it has nice finishing both inside and outside, has a secure car park for his good-looking car, and one that has basic house features such as washrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Men put as much efforts when striving to acquire good houses as they do when acquiring good-looking cars and good jobs. Men at times can be very choosy when looking for a house. They insist on fine details such as the location of the house, the outside and inside finishing of the house, the accessibility of basic infrastructures from the house, and the size of the compound, among other features. This depicts that men’s needs for good houses is also another important want that men strive to acquire in their lives.

            There are three basic wants: food, shelter, and clothing that are necessary for the survival of every human being. However, for men, the list of basic wants is a bit longer. Men want to own good cars, good jobs, and good houses. To men, these wants are close to basic requirements and they do not stop at anything until they have all the three items, in addition to the other basic wants. Indeed men are different and they have different wants.


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