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This article is entitled Mona Lisa's identical twin and was written by John McDonald. It was published in the Perspective review journal on page 58. The author compiled and posted it in the journal on Saturday May 19th 2012 as a first edition. There are many databases available as search tools. To locate this article with ease, I made use of Lexis Nexix. This database facilitated convenient access to the article. I used Mona Lisa as the keyword and it worked perfectly.

Leonardo da Vinci was the world’s great celebrity who died in 1819 (McDonald, 1). His retrospective attracted queues at the London’s National gallery. The second Mona Lisa named Gherardini was discovered in Prado, Madrid. It has been viewed since the Spanish museum was opened in 1819. The technical researcher prepared for conservation checks by taking an infra-red photograph of the Mona Lisa. Mozo dismissed claims that da Vinci did the work all by himself. This was because the lines used by the artists were distinctive and the Prado work didn’t match the master’s style. The Mona Lisa was categorized under the Italian Renaissance art as the center of attraction. Da Vinci’s popularity was fueled by a combination of mystery and a genius mind. He advised that the work of art should teach how people had not seen when they see.

The article portrays an interesting story line of art work. Its focus on Mona Lisa attracted me. It became evident that da Vinci’s art work was excellent. This is because no one did the same except offering some improvements to the original Mona Lisa. In addition, Mona Lisa received respect and honor as people travelled from far places just to view them. This created a lot of curiosity in my mind as I wanted to know why the Mona Lisa was that important.


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