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New family inheritance is the actual property that a person receives after a close relative dies. The inheritance may consist of land, money, buildings, machines, and other properties that the deceased person possessed. This inheritance can be extremely valuable, which will require the inheritor to possess adequate management knowledge and skills. The inheritor will consult a number of resources to acquire the necessary information for successful management (Damodaran, 2012). This paper will consider the role of the Wall Street Journal and other resources in meeting Angel’s needs, acquisition of knowledge about the securities in the portfolio, useful online investment information tools and sources, and the need of reliable stockbroker.

Angel is a well-off man, who can be able to access numerous sources of information, including the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Magazine, Financial Times, and Far Eastern Economic Review (Curley & Walker, 2007). These resources will provide Angel and Marie with substantial information on economics and current events. The Wall Street Journal is the United State’s largest newspaper by circulation. This journal has many sections such as the Personal Journal section, Weekend Journal section, and Money and Investing section. The Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal covers information on personal investment, which will help Angel know how to invest the inheritance wisely. Another section that will provide information on investment is Money and Investing section. This section covers the current events about the international markets. The Weekend Journal section will enable Angel to explore various opportunities that he will be able to exploit. Therefore, Angel should keep studying these resources for a number of days until he becomes sufficiently knowledgeable on effective management (Curley & Walker, 2007).

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Apart from effective management of the inheritance, Angel should understand the portfolio’s current securities. Angel should also follow the securities of the portfolio and continue to evaluate potential alternative securities. The services of the Value Line Investment Survey, Standard & Poor’s Corporation, and Mergent will help Angel acquire sufficient information about the portfolio’s securities. Angel will use the Value Line Investment Survey to arrive at informed decisions of investment. It will be possible because this resource will enable him to forecast the performance of stock price over the next year. Angel will also use Value Line Investment Survey to spot trends. The Standard & Poor’s Corporation and Mergent will also provide Angel with financial market intelligence that will help him avoid losses (Yate & Sander, 2003). Therefore, Angel will be able to determine the portfolio’s current and future securities by spotting economic trends.

Angel and Marie will utilize online investment information sources and tools, such as Edgar Online,, and to attain a profitable and successful investment. Edgar Online gives investors the capability of extraction and management of valuable information available in electronic filings. Therefore, Angel and Marie will use this tool to monitor the economic trend that their investment will follow. will enable Angel and Marie to be aware of the practices that may reduce the securities of their portfolio (Yate & Sander, 2003). is an online information source that educates investors on how monitors make maximum returns from an investment. Therefore, this resource enables investors to understand how to spot trends.

A stockbroker may also help Angel and Marie to attain substantial returns from their investment. Angel and Marie should look for an effective stockbroker, who will achieve their goals by understanding the current needs, providing quality research, advice, and analyses (Magliolo, 2005). The stockbrokers should also provide fast, superior, expert, and accurate services (Curley & Walker, 2007). Since there are stockbroker’s services, there will be no need for Angel to hire a financial adviser. Angel and Marie will be able to manage the portfolio themselves because of their ability to access sufficient information.


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