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Organizational behavior is of great importance in organizations that deal with the studying and appliance of information on how populace operates in the organization. This study is of enormous assistance to managers; it assists them to look for their employees’ behavior in the organization. Therefore organizational behavior is majorly concerned with how employees operate in an organization and how their conduct affects the wellbeing of the organization (Organizational Behavior, n.d.).

The comprehension of organizational behavior is extremely valuable for improving individual behavior towards the positive direction, and the whole organization’s environment. It attempts to endorse our perceptive of the progression of individual behavior and the transformations that occur in the interests, values, roles, and goals of the organization associates in the way of their involvement with organizations. Therefore for the manager to completely understand the employee’s behavior, he/she has to employ several theories which determine individual’s behavior; they include both the internal and external perspective. In time of change many people tend to be reactive and rigid but it’s recommended to see the opportunity incorporated in the change and think about the change as positive (Nelson & Quick, 2011).

In order to fully understand organizational behavior, one needs to comprehend both the organizational environment where conduct is endorsed and the individual behavior. Composition of organizations as open systems is significant towards behavioral changes as it is made up of technology, structure, and the employees who together help in achieving its stipulated goals. Activities of any part of the organization’s system be it the regulators, customers or even suppliers are known to affect employees and the organization at large (Organizational Behavior, n.d.).

Changes in an organization create both risks and opportunities; worldwide competition, however, is the factor behind all these changes in companies. Apart from corporate competition bringing out cost pressures and performance, there are other opportunities like revitalization which are good for organizational growth (Nelson & Quick, 2011).

From researches it has been shown that lots of challenges and changes facing managers are a result of customer demands as well as international competition. Managers, for instance, face ethical dilemmas which emerge from the populace at job in terms of social responsibility, whistle-blowing, organizational justice, romantic involvements, sexual harassments and even employee rights. These workforce behaviors pose a grave danger to the organization and should be dealt with wisely lest they cost the organization lots of reputation together with monetary downpour (Nelson & Quick, 2011).

Workforce diversity touches social status, ability, religion, sexual orientation personality, culture, together with gender. This issue of diversification in the organization affects every worker and the managers have to completely make use of a positive advance while running diversity in the whole organization which would ensure that differences in diversification are respected and capitalized upon which would bring a lot of success to the company if followed to the latter. For instance there are about 5 cultural discrepancies which commonly influence job-related attitudes and include time orientation, masculinity versus femininity, uncertainty avoidance, power distance, as well as individualism versus collectivism; since culture is all over the world and almost everybody has his/her cultural beliefs and values, they should be treated equally in the organization. Company manager should be aware of the cultural diversification present in the company and treat each employee equally.

In conclusion, for the managers to make sure that their respective organizations cop up with competition, they have to diligently and wisely tackle with the 3 notorious challenges namely ethical behavior, workforce diversity and globalization (Nelson & Quick, 2011).


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