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At a certain time in our lives we may have all been affected by peer pressure. Nowadays Peer pressure has become a sort of a problem in our lives. Peer Pressure is common in not only teens but among adults as well.

Peer Pressure can be divided into three different categories; individual, direct and indirect. It is easy to understand direct peer pressure because in this type you are being told by someone as to what you should be doing. Indirect peer pressure is not noticeable because when you are spending time with certain people you are being influenced without even eloquent about it. There is a chance that you might be studying properly when spending time with a certain amount of friends and smoking when you are with a different group. Individual peer pressure is somewhat different because you tend to do some activities which you disapprove of but in order to become a part of the group and not to be left out you tend to do that activity. My Peers have pressurized me by using all the three different types.

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The fact is that we all desire the appreciation of others. Adults tend to be pressured at home or at workplace. It is natural for a teen especially a guy to be part of a group just to feel different from others. If your friends like a certain sports start there is a high chance that you will start to like him too. I feel that there is a thing as good peer pressure. I have been convinced by my friends to do something and it turned out to be good. By good peer pressure I mean that a friend has asked to study properly so that you can have good grades and also to quit smoking. I believe we should have the right to make our own selections and be in charge of who we are.

A peer can be anyone whom you look up to; a family member, a sports star, a friend, or even a movie star. I believe that the people we meet or the friends that we make have more of an influence in our life than sports or movie stars. Many people are pressurized into using drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking and even joining gangs. Many researches say that when people are pressurized in smoking or using drugs they later become obsessed with it. Factors which made me vulnerable to peer’s pressure included not taking much interest in things, lacking in confidence, not very strong attachment with friends, fear of not being accepted in the group.

Today I have realized that in order to avoid peer pressure is to get the support of your family and the friends that you trust the most. Talking about my problems with them helped me to look at things from a different perspective. I started to hang out with friends who liked to do things which I was comfortable doing and did not feel pressured. Finally I also started to stand by for myself and stopped doing things which I did not like.


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