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Photojournalism is one of the forms of journalism, which involves collection, editing, and presentation of news material for publication or broadcasting in a form of images in order to tell a story. Photojournalism also refers to still images that are used to tell stories, and videos, which are used in broadcasting news. Photojournalism is different from other forms of photography such as celebrity and street photography, because it operates under strict ethical structure, which demands honesty and fairness, while observing the journalistic terms of telling stories. Features of photojournalism include objectivity, timeliness, and narrative. Objectivity feature means that a photojournalist should present an image, whose content and tone presents a specific situation in the most unbiased and honesty manner. Timeliness feature means that images published by photojournalists should represent current events. On the other hand, narrative feature means that images presented by photojournalists should be accompanied by other news elements to enable readers or viewers understand the facts presented in the images.

In the book ‘Photojournalism and Today’s News: Creating Visual Reality’ Langton offers a practical guide to students aspiring to become photojournalists. In the book, Langton offers an intelligent look at the newsroom culture as well as the influence of newsroom culture on editing, production, and photography. Langton utilizes photograph samples to answers various questions raised in the book. Such questions include how photojournalists work in the fields, how the editors select some of their photographs and omit others, and how editors select accompanying words to images selected for publication. Apart from theoretical discussion about photojournalism, Langton also uses practical examples to discuss more about photojournalism. He looks at the social, political, economic, and cultural issues, and how they are communicated through photojournalism. Other aspects discussed in the book include newsroom and editors’ expectations, and advice to young journalists concerning how they can develop respect for their visual journalism colleagues through teamwork.


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