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Police officers have ethics that should govern all their activities of law enforcement. However, most of the police officers do not follow these ethics due to corruption which is associated with several factors. Some of the factors that contribute to police corruption include working in unsupervised environment and also tendency to abuse the power given to them. The Chicago Police Department is however very strict on police ethics especially on the new recruits. Failure to follow the rules, the recruits may get fired since they have not yet formed a union that can fight for their rights.

The essay question 3.

In this case, there is discrimination when it comes to dealing with the officers by their seniors. The officer who notices the misbehavior of the other two offices is a new recruit who does not belong to any union and can be fired at any time.  In the code of conduct for the police officers in Chicago, there is a clause that explains about duty, discretion and discrimination in the workforce. Duty refers to the responsibilities that an officer has in his roles. Discretion is ability of an officer to make a choice between two situations where an action is required. Discrimination occurs where an officer treats tow individuals in a different manner without any reasonable fact. These three concepts guide the police actions in cases where an officer is required to make decision and none of the options seems to be right (Barker, 2006).

The case under question involves the use of discrimination by the senior officers in dealing with the reported officers. The officer is new in the force and has not completed his probation and has no union representation. Since he has no power to act, he uses discretion to decide on how to act on the matter. His first action was to enquire about these two officers but he learnt that they are sons of high ranking officer and their actions are taken with much caution. He further uses his discretion to report the matter to his sergeant who also ignores his claims by saying that that is a small stuff.  This case involves a lot of discrimination among the officers where since they are sons of senior ranking police officials, their actions cannot be questioned even if they are wrong.  This is discrimination that is prevailing in the entire line of authority since disciplinary measures are applied differently among the officers. According to the code of conduct of the police officers in Chicago, police misconduct must be reported to the senior officials and the actions to be taken immediately. However, in this case there is no room for reporting the misconduct of these officers since their parents are the senior officers to whom the case should be forwarded. The new recruit who has not finished his probation may also fall into trouble and risk his job by reporting against the sons of senior officers.  

The other problem in this case is corruption and immorality. According to the police code of conduct, corruption is a form of immorality, but not all immoral actions can be referred to as corruption. An act such as neglect can be referred to as immorality and not corruption. In the case of these two officers, there is a lot of immorality in the actions of these tow officers. This is because they have neglected their duties since they know that no action can be taken against them. They leave their work while on duty to go to the ‘freeble’ sports where police officers get some food at no price. They therefore leave their uncompleted work to their colleagues who do them on their behalf.  These officers also like chatting with beautiful women on vehicles and most of the times they are talking with the cell phones or reading newspapers. The officers also arrive to work late. These are actions of immorality and are associated with corruption. Corruption occurs where the situation and the top officials do not take the required action and those on the wrong go unpunished.  Corruption is therefore happening with the officials since they are letting the two officers to continue with their immoral actions without taking any action against them. Corruption is in most cases driven by personal interests where one does not mind the feelings of other people. These officers are claiming that they get tired after the day’s work and therefore leave their job to be done by their colleagues. They are only interested in themselves and not others (Caldero & Crank, 2004).

Another problem that can be identified in this case is lack of professionalism with the two officers, and struggle for maintenance of professionalism by the new recruit and other colleagues. Police have a noble cause to pursue professionalism in all their activities. In the entire United States, the concept of professionalism is highly esteemed among the police force. The police officers are supposed to dedicate themselves completely in their service to the public. Professionalism is defined as having a sense of integrity, being honest and adhering to the code of ethics that are stated for the police officers. The two officers are therefore lacking professionalism since they are not being honest in their work and are also not following the code of ethics. They report to work late and do not even complete their assignments. All the police activities are supposed to be dedicated to public service but with these tow officers, this is not the case. Most f the time they are reading newspapers and talking with their cell phones. They therefore do not give enough attention to their public duties (Deakin, 2008). The new recruit is struggling to maintain a professional image together with his colleagues by struggling to complete their assignments. They are trying to cover them up so that all the work can be done properly. They are therefore doing extra work to ensure that everything is in order.

The right action that the new police recruit should take is to find another police agency that can deal with the matter of police misconduct. This should be an external agency that is not linked the fathers of the two officers. This should be an external agency so that there will be no leakage of information as to who forwarded the matter. In the United States, there is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that can investigate matters relating to police misconduct in the whole country.  The new police recruit can therefore forward the issues to FBI so that they can investigate the issue. Another thing that he can do is to inform the media who will make a follow up of the two police officers and then expose their misconduct to the relevant authorities and the members of the public (Pollock, 2008).


Police misconduct due to the relationships one has with the senior officials can result to oppression of others in the lower levels. In the above case, the two officers are engaging in unethical police practices because they are protected by their fathers. These are an immoral act that goes against the required code of conduct of the police officers and requires strict actions. However, to solve the issues, an external agency must be involved. 


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