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PR entails the passing of relevant information through the media in the most perfect way possible so as to ensure that clients are presented with complete relevant and vital information (Roos, 2007). In addition, public relations encompass bringing together the efforts of various individuals and organizations for purposes of crafting goodwill within the company setting, as well as augmenting the company’s image to its clients. Thus, it can be concluded that PR not only shapes but also maintains the image of an individual, company or organization in their client’s perspective (Roos, 2007). It is worth noting that the success of PR is possible through comprehensive understanding of the public’s interests and concerns. In today’s corporate oriented world, there is a lot of current news stuffed with PR campaigns.

Yemen’s Main Airport Reopens Day after Attack

On Saturday the 7th of April 2012, gunmen (who were loyal to Yemen’s overthrown president) blasted numerous buildings at the main airport of the country with anti-aircraft guns. As a result, the airport’s authorities were forced to close it. Following this blasting, the rebels surrounded the main airport at Sanaa (the capital city), blocked roads and sent away passenger vehicles. This made the airport authorities cancel all flights despite the fact that this airport was serving numerous international airlines such as Qatar Airways and Emirates. This Saturday attack took place a day after President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who had been sworn in as the country’s new president, fired some of the principal  security officials, who had been appointed by Ali Abullah Saleh (the ex-president) (TAP, 2012). The siege of Yemen’s main airport showed the challenges that the new president was facing following his pledge to purge the ex-president’s loyalists form the country’s army, the chief government posts and the security apparatus. The government had to act rapidly and restore confidence in the people of Yemen. In this effort, the media reported a day later that the main airport had been reopened. Even with the reopening of the Airport the state of affairs is not favorable in the country. Opponents of Saleh are quite worried of his loyalists who have been kept in charge of the military units. As a matter of fact, the army has of late been suffering numerous defeats in most of its wars against militants linked with the famous Al-Qaida. These militants have actually taken control of a number of towns in the Yemen’s southern part and most natives have come to believe that Saleh’s commanders may have been, in one way or the other, actively sabotaging the country’s campaign against these militants. According to the reports issued by the security personnel, the attackers pulled out from the main airport on Sunday (TAP, 2012). The recapture of the airport gives the government a facade of being in command while, in reality, it has a shaky hold over the country. However, this PR effort serves the purpose of pacifying citizens and restoring the confidence of international flight companies, which use the airport. The Associated Press is a time tested news agency with the international outreach. The news agency offers a balanced picture of the events going on in the Arab world and elsewhere and it is a reliable source of true information.

Apple Says It Will Announce a Decision about Its Cash

The news from Apple Inc., that it would announce what it planned to do with its hefty cash balance, was of great relief to its shareholders. The shareholders were expecting an announcement of continuing dividends for them. It has been the trend that Apple Inc. had been hoarding cash and many people felt it was time the shareholders were issued with some part of it; since the corporation has not been issuing dividends to shareholders since 1995 (Wingfield, 1). The plan to hold on to the cash profits was practiced under the charismatic Steve Jobs but when he left the company and was replaced by Tim Cook, who has sought on how to operate funds beside letting them accumulate. The move to announce dividends was meant to attract and satisfy value investors. The leaders of Apple had observed new types of value investors’ tendency to buy its shares while anticipating dividends. Indeed, the CEO stated that announcing the dividend would “attract a broader class of investor” (Wingfield, 1). Therefore, the announcement of dividends would be a PR event for Apple Inc. The company has been performing well for over two decades and it would be prudent for it to attract new shareholders as it tries to remain the leader in software products. Offering dividends makes an organization appeal to shareholders as an entity that rewards and makes them interested to stay. The New York Times is a respected newspaper which is marked for its accurate reporting of news events.

JetBlue meltdown: What causes a person to suddenly lose it?

The Wall Street Journal reported on 29th March 2012 that there could be some pliable reasons to explain the erratic conduct of a JetBlue pilot during flight. The article provides some information as to the cause of the erratic behaviors. The reasons are medical and psychiatric conditions such as brain tumor, fever infection, thyroid condition, reaction to prescribed drugs or head injury (JetBlue meltdown, 1). People have little control over these conditions. Therefore, they can be absolved of blame if the conditions lead to delusional behavior while attending clients. The underlying psychotic causes of delusional behavior are activated by stimuli such as sounds and lights. The psychotic disorder arises out of the blue if one is exposed to stressors. Respected medical opinion holds that under enough stress, anybody can develop brief psychotic reaction (JetBlue meltdown, 1). The report in this article tends to absolve the JetBlue pilot for his dangerous actions. Erratic conduct of a pilot attending a flight is a potential PR disaster for a passenger plane company. Customers could start doubting the competence of JetBlue pilots following such an incidence and probably boycott it. The Wall Street Journal, being a reputable business news source, did a good job of maintaining a good image of the JetBlue Corporation. The article was composed in good faith and stated a fairly tenable reference to the good performance of JetBlue pilots. 


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